Software Tester Cover Letter

A software tester is nothing but a skilled IT (information technology) professional. He or she will be hired for using and testing the software for fixing bugs in the developed product. They will have to perform specific tasks and examine every aspect of the product from the user's perspective. He or she will be employed to work with an IT organization or some of them work on project basis as well. Initially, a software tester will have to consult external or internal client, to understand the purpose and scope of the project.

Either in a group setting or independently, these professionals will have to create a testing plan, which is based on all the parameters that are outlined after the client consultation. The tester will use the software that he or she is testing; use different tool and function, search for results for performance, bugs, reliability, and some other failures. A detailed metrics will be monitored and recorded for tracking the progress and outcomes of their testing process. To become a software tester, individuals must have deep knowledge and understanding of computer programming. He or should have vast interest in technology and advancement that follows it.

Internally in an organization, these professionals must be able to gain credibility in a short time with the programmers that he or she is working with, by being a tactful and good oral communicator, remaining honest and ethical, and completely understanding the application he or she is testing. These professionals need to have the ability in speaking in any nonprofessional term for their nontechnical clients and colleagues. They also need to have an astute sense of sensitivity, noticing not only the things that are there, but also finding out things that are not there. In addition, they must possess high level of customer service and an exceptional drive for performing work and succeed in their role.

Now, if you have all these skills then you are left to do is write a cover letter. A cover letter will be very useful in highlighting all your skills, talents, and qualities. Here is a sample software tester cover letter, which will give you a better idea of how you need to go about it.

Software Tester Cover Letter

Carla Lindley

2544 Snider Street
Colorado Springs CO 8090

January 1, 2011

Cynthia Crownover

WAT Software Solutions Ltd.
1879 Agriculture Lane
Perrine, FL33157

Dear Ms. Crownover,

Today, I would like to express my genuine interest in the position of a software tester with your organization. As you are aware, that WAT Software Solutions Ltd. is a well-known organization all over the world for its progressive and promising new software applications and programs, and I would love to be a part of this success.

I have been working as a software tester with Symantec, and have completed my education in Computer Science. In spite of being happy in my current position, I was highly excited when I came to know about this position, as this is the only organization that I aspire to be a part of, and learn more about my career from this. I can work well in a team, and have the ability to communicate well with all my supervisors, clients, and employees.

You can easily reach me at or on my phone 719-849-7486. However you wish to contact me, I request to do that as soon as you can, as I eagerly waiting to discuss this position with you in detail. Thank you for giving your time and considering my resume.

Yours sincerely,

Carla Lindley

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This cover letter will surely have helped you and now you will have a clear idea of what needs to be mentioned in a cover letter. You do not have to be creative for writing a cover letter, just a simple letter stating the essentials.

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