Software Trainer Cover Letter

A specialist in training is always considered as an asset in any organization. The training specialists are exclusively hired for teaching valuable lessons regarding soft skills, software programs, technology, and various other features related to the organization. The skills of every training specialist will vary depending on the organization he or she is working in. Therefore, while writing a cover letter you will have to focus on your specialties.

Make a plan

Before you even start writing your software trainer cover letter, take some time and creatively plan the content. Your resume will be enough to highlight your knowledge and skills, so you cover letter will have to focus on your achievements. Start making a personal list of achievements and add them in your cover letter. Your achievements will definitely give you the extra edge during the selection process.

The first paragraph

The starting paragraph of your cover letter should clearly state how you to came to know of the job opening of software trainer. Also, make sure that you write that you want to be considered for this position. For convincing the recruiter, you will have to explain him or her about your training background and the success that you have had so far.

The Gist

Try to connect with the recruiter as to why your qualifications are the best for the position advertised. Do not forget to add information about your credentials, educational qualifications, and any special certifications.

These are some of the essential things that must go in your cover letter without fail. However, below you will find a sample of a software trainer cover letter for your reference.

Sample Software Trainer Cover Letter

James Morgan
2229 Breezewood Court
Girard, KS 66743
Date: March 2, 2011

Molly Miller
Human Resource Executive
Symantec Solutions
4761 Old House Drive
Worthington, OH 43085

Dear Ms. Miller,

I take great pride in being a software trainer and hence I am applying for the software trainer position today with Symantec Solutions. I have attended the New York University where I have completed my majors in IT (Information Technology) and I am a skilled professional in project management and software designing. Also, I can understand various computer programs.

Often it has been observed that explaining the complexities involved in computer software is very tough and this is exactly where my past experience comes in. My remarkable written and spoken communication skills make everything easy for me to explain others on how they need to use computer programs efficiently.

I have a few special abilities such as finding out the right way for validating my point to the trainees, so that they can understand in a better manner. I always tend to adjust the training material provided to me, so that the trainees can understand it.

I can easily adapt to new skills in this field and meet the training requirements of your organization, since I know that your organization is known to meet the highest records for providing best trainings. I am confident that my ability to fulfill the needs, organizational skills, and the urge to provide one of the best software trainings will make me the ideal candidate for this profile.

I would genuinely like to meet you in person for having a further discussion and all the contributions that I am willing to make for your organization. You can give me a call on the weekdays between 8am - 6pm on 620-457-9892. I will be waiting for your call.

Yours sincerely,

James Morgan

Enclosure: Resume

If you have enough space left in your letter, then you can start mentioning the skills, which can benefit you for getting the software training position. If you are a trainer who teaches on ways to install different software, then you must mention your brief experience in installing the same software programs. Make the employer feel confident to hire you.

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