SQL Developer Cover Letter

As the technologies keeping growing, the requirement for highly skilled SQL programmers is constantly on demand. These professionals need to stay updated with all the latest trends that keep coming in the SQL code and servers. The skills of these programmers are usually reflected in their salaries. They need to have experience in developing software and websites, along with over-all knowledge about the programming language. For getting into this profession, an individual will have to complete his or her degree in information technology or computer science. Some of the organizations will only accept the programmer if he or she has an associate degree with some relevant experience. The employer only needs to know if the individual is updated with the latest trends in the software world.

SQL programmers have to be proficient in working with .Net and JavaScript. They must have thorough knowledge about SQL 2000 and 2005. The ideal candidates for this profession are those who know languages such as PHP, C+, and ASP. People who have some knowledge about search engine optimization will always be preferred for this position. Along with the technical skills, these individuals need to have remarkable communication skills, both in written and oral form. They must know how to manage time and should have the ability to multitask for different projects. For succeeding as a SQL programmer, these people need to have problem-solving skills.

SQL programmers will mainly deal with storing, organizing and securing the database system. They will have to merge data from old systems to new systems, and hence must troubleshoot and test new systems to maintain quality. Sometimes they will also have to make new databases depending on the needs of the user. These professionals need to organize and filter data for identifying current trends for analysis. They will also have to make data mining algorithms. If you want to start your career as a SQL developer, then you need to write a strong covering letter for exhibiting your skills. Here you will find a sample SQL developer cover letter to guide you further.

Sample SQL Developer Cover Letter

Rebecca Grace
837 Selah Way.
South Burlington, VT 5403

December 23, 2011

Ms. Linda Dunbar
Ventura International
2002 Wilmar Farm Road
Washington, MD 20005

Dear Ms. Dunbar,

Re: SQL Developer Position I am here writing this letter for showing my interest in the position of SQL developer, which is currently open with your organization. I am certain that if you give me a chance, then this opportunity will definitely be mine and I will become a valued member in your organization. I have the required training and skills, which match perfectly with the mentioned job description and I wish to advance in my profession in this field.

Below is a summary of my qualifications for this position; I have:

I am confident that all my experience will prove to be an asset for Ventura International and I am looking forward to meet you personally and discussing this opportunity in detail. I would like to know more about this job role and discuss how my training and qualification will benefit your organization.

I have completed my Information Technology degree from Washington University and wish to learn more about my course. You can reach me at 802-558-9894 or drop an e-mail at g.rebecca@example.com. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Rebecca Grace
Your Signature

Enclosure: Letter of Recommendation and Resume

This is how you can go about writing your letter. Keep it precise and simple. Good luck!

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