Team Leader Cover Letter

Have you ever given a thought as to what exactly must be the reason behind selection of a particular candidate for the post of a team leader over the other, in spite of being equally qualified and deserving? The reason is simple and clear. If you study in detail, you will realize that it is the magic of a team leader cover letter that has made all the difference.

What is a cover letter?

The team leader cover letter is a short piece of document that covers all the important details related to your qualifications, experience and skills. Furthermore, it should be able to convey to the reader how you are the best-suited candidate for that particular job. It should be drafted to entice the reader, ultimately forcing him to select you for that particular job. For better readability, ensure that your cover letter is divided into small paragraphs.


The first paragraph should be catchy. It is an introductory paragraph providing a brief description as to how you came to know about the job and what really interests you in this particular job.

The second paragraph should briefly highlight as to why and how you match the profile perfectly by listing your exceptional skills, qualifications and experiences.

In the last paragraph, make an attempt to request the reader to call you for an interview by providing your contact details. Alternatively, you can even question him as to what would be the appropriate time to call him or you can even fix up a meeting time.


Last but not the least, do not forget to thank the reader for spending his valuable time in going through your cover letter. Do not forget to send in a duly signed copy to the prospective employer.

Before you send it to the potential employer, make sure there are no horrendous errors related to grammar or spelling. Even typographical errors must be completely avoided. The letter should clearly express your deep interest to take up that job which should be clearly demonstrated by the language you use. It should express your upbeat, positive mood, and enthusiasm.

Here is a sample that will help you in drafting an effective team leader cover letter:

Stanley T Schumacher
1316 Romano Street
Walpole, MA 02081
Phone: 781-408-7710

Date: March 28, 2012

Christopher E. Collins
Human Resource Department
Orion Software Inc.
9084 Bluff Street
Cumberland MD 21502

Dear Mr. Collins,

I was pleased to see the advertisement published in "The Daily New York Times" for the post of a Team Leader in your esteemed organization. I would like to apply for that post, as I perfectly match the expectations mentioned.

As a Senior Supervisor in ELX Services for a period of 4 years, I was responsible for delegating the workload to all the members of my team, evaluating their work, resolving their issues in absence of the team leader, and preparing the reports related to their attendance and performance.

Over the years, I have learned how to build a rapport and make full use of the potential that an employee has. I have gained much knowledge about the importance and effectiveness of time management and organization skills, especially while meeting the deadlines and targets.

I would like to use my relevant experience and skills for achieving greater profits thereby ensuring better business for your organization. I am confident that I will be able to shoulder the responsibilities of the team leader if given an opportunity.

I would like to request you to have a face-to-face interaction wherein I will be able to discuss more about my career. I thank you for the time and consideration.

Your sincerely,
Stanley T Schumacher

Enclosure: Resume

So the next time you apply for the post of a team leader, make sure you accompany your resume with an amazing cover letter that will compel the reader to call you for the interview.

If your resume is not accompanied by a cover letter, there are chances that it will not be read, rather will straight away land into the bins. You must now have realized the importance of a cover letter. Thus, a powerful team leader cover letter needs to be drafted in order to ensure success in getting your dream job.

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