Web Administrator Cover Letter

Running a website may look simple, but there are various elements in it from creative to technical. Web administrators are known as jack of all trades. Therefore, if you wish to become a web administrator, then you will have to learn all the trends that come under this profession. Three main areas where these professionals have to work are administrative, technical, and creative. The main duty of a web administrator is maintaining the overall performance of the website. This means that they need to have technical knowledge and they must keep themselves updated with the required knowledge to update the website.

Sometimes web administrators will also have to deal with the administrative duties, such as when certain areas are outsourced to other organizations. If there is any problem with the web security, then web administrators are supposed to take care of the same. Apart from the technical demands of this profession, these professionals also need to have a creative flair. From time-to-time, they will have to modify the content of the site. This means that they will have to do marketing and publicity of their respective website. In this scenario, the web administrator will have to don the hat of a Public relations or Marketing professional.

Now, when you go out in the professional world and start applying for jobs, you will have to keep in check that you have a well-written resume that is accompanied with a better-written cover letter. Cover letters are like a personal interview in the virtual world. They are filled with important information of your background and this helps you in being noticed, and even getting a job. Employers have a bunch full of resumes to read every day. Therefore, your cover letter will cut through the competition and get you ahead in the race. This article will provide you with a well-drafted sample web administrator cover letter that will guide you further.

Web Administrator Cover Letter Sample

Mary Graves
3117 Formula Lane
Kaufman, TX 75142

Date: July 13, 2011

Franklin Young
Infoline Systems
4837 Cost Avenue
Lonaconing, MD 21539

Dear Mr. Young,

Re: Web Administrator Position

Yesterday, I came across an opening for the position of a web administrator with Infoline Systems on your website. In the advertisement, you had specifically mentioned that you are looking for someone with experience, and I have more than six years of experience in working as a web administrator. My experience in this field, education, and qualities match perfectly with the requirements listed by you.

Following you will find a short summary of the credentials that makes me the best candidate for this position:

Along with all these skills, I do know how to troubleshoot technical issues if someone ever faces it. I would like to inform you, that I will continue my education in the same stream, and I would appreciate if I get a chance to be an employee at your organization. As for educational qualifications, I have completed my bachelor's degree in computer technology from Washington University. I am sure that this educational background would be beneficial for your organization.

I would call your office next week for a follow up. However, in the meanwhile if you wish to contact me then you can call me on my mobile at 469-538-1272 or leave an e-mail at g.mary@example.com. Thank you for considering my application letter and resume.

Yours sincerely,
Mary Graves
Enclosure: Resume

Write your letter in the same manner. Good luck!

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