ABA Therapist Cover Letter

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a process or a science rather in which the ABA therapists help people with certain psychological shortcomings or people who find it not so easy to adjust within a social circle. Since an ABA therapist should quintessentially have some very human characteristics like being patient, empathetic and sympathetic, you should mention the same, if you possess them, in the ABA therapist cover letter.

An ABA therapist cover letter should mention in brief all your plus points in a short and precise manner. The motive of your cover letter is to tell the recruiter in a paragraph why you think he or she should prefer you over other candidates. Have a look at the points to remember while writing the cover letter, the format and sample below.

Points to Remember for Cover Letters

ABA Therapist Cover Letter Format

The format for writing the cover letter starts with putting your personal contact details either at the top left corner of the page or at the top center. It should consist of your name, postal and email addresses, and the contact numbers.

Next is the date, followed by the addressee's name, designation and address on the left corner of the page. Then comes the introduction as well as the body of the letter. It should contain your name and why are you writing the letter. It should talk about the reference you had got in any form, be it through an advertisement or through a recruitment firm. After the one or two line introduction, you can straightaway write your USPs i.e. Ultimate Selling Proposition.

ABA Therapist Cover Letter Sample

Torque Earnest
Jolly Rogers Apt.
Mermaid Kingdom,
Cell No. 12345 67890


Benjamin Raven
HR Manager
Global ABA Foundation


I am writing this letter with reference to the call I got from the recruiting agency, XYZ Recruiters, for the post of ABA therapist in your firm. I have a five year long experience in handling autism patients and have also provided training to new ABA therapists while working with my previous employers. I am a very patient yet efficient person and my resume attached, will speak for itself.

I think I can serve your company better than anyone else. If you feel like, please contact me on the email address specified above. Looking forward to have an interaction with you soon and the opportunity to serve in your reputed firm.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,
Torque Earnest

Enclosures: Resume

So this was about the format to be followed and the sample that should prove as a guide for drafting your personal ABA therapist cover letter.

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