Acupuncturist Cover Letter

A cover letter gives an introduction of yourself by means of giving your best abilities in a nutshell and explaining the reason behind applying in their organization. Presenting yourself is very important in the field of job. Your resume just presents your educational qualification and work experience but when applying for a job; you need to add more to these. An acupuncturist cover letter gives you this opportunity to have a conversation with your addressee talking about how you are eligible for the position and why he or she should hire you.

Tips for Cover Letters

The reason behind writing a cover letter is to get special preference to your resume by means of expressing interest and convincing the employer of your qualities. Therefore what you need to do is just mention whatever qualities in you are relevant for the said job profile and win a call for interview. Mention your interests and achievements in the acupuncturist cover letter when applying for a job. You can use the bulleted format or write the letter in paragraphs. For going a step ahead you may also mention about the organization, for example, what do you like the most about it and why. The letter is written in blocked format and it is explained in the following section.

Acupuncturist Cover Letter Format

Draft the acupuncturist cover letter in the soft copy with left aligned mode. The content of the letter should not exceed a page and should have an introduction and body. The outline of the content and format goes like below:

Sample Acupuncturist Cover Letter

Torque Earnest
Red Riding Hood Living Lawns
Sector 23, Residential Area 12
New York City
E-mail Address -
Contact Number - (787) 457 1258


Kingsley Ernest
Human Resources Manager
Human Resources Department
Acupuncture Center New York City Branch
The Acupuncturists Arena, Educationists Lines - 13
New York City

Re: Application for the post of Acupuncturist

Mr. Ernest,

I write this letter with reference to the notice given out in the newspaper, Acupuncturists Employment, regarding the vacant position of Acupuncturist. I have been practicing Acupuncture in the Government clinic since three years in Seattle and plan to settle in New York City now. I am thorough with the latest developments in acupuncture and also wish to go to China for doing further specialization. I am proficient in Chinese language too. I firmly believe that along with treating patients with acupuncture, as the Chinese recommend, diet and some changes in lifestyle is very necessary. Meditation and yoga go hand in hand too. I have done courses for learning both, about proper diet and yoga too. I can use these all together to treat our patients more effectively.

The letter of recommendation from the Head Acupuncturist of the government clinic, Seattle will convince you to hire me. I would like to meet you in person on the 03/22/2011. Please call me on the number given above for a suitable time for meeting. It would be nice working with you. Thank you very much.

Yours truly
Torque Earnest


This was a fake example of the acupuncturist cover letter but it can be followed by personalizing it with the best of your achievements. The projects, seminars or volunteering you have done during the college or in the due course of your work experience holds importance so remember what you have participated in and mention everything that you find relevant to the job requirement. Remember to update your resume too when you apply in different places. Just like the resume the cover letter should be customized too.

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