Allergist Cover Letter

The work profile of an allergist is similar to a physician barring that they specialize in dealing with allergies. They come to the rescue when the general physician's medicines fail us and when some peculiar problem keeps troubling us. For example, rashes, boils, itching, etc. the reasons for these can be many, include food items, dust, sunlight, synthetic fabrics, perfumes, etc.

Allergist Cover Letter Format

The blue print given below is the way to draft the cover letter and as for the content, it is explained in the sub sections in this blue print.

From: Mention all your details as given here. This is for the recruiter to contact you.
Name of the Sender
Postal Address
E-mail Address
Contact Number


To: As the name suggests, you have to find out the addressee's details as given below.
Name of the Addressee
Designation Held
Organization's Name

Re: Post applied for

Mr. / Miss. Last Name,

Body of the Letter: Consists of the introduction as to which post you are applying for and the source from where you came to know of the post. This is important for the sake of their knowledge and your credibility. Then you can present your views on how you can contribute to them for the betterment and success of the organization. You can choose to present your points in a bulleted list or in paragraph but the thing to be noted is to keep the letter limited to just a single page.

Closing of the Letter: You can write a line of gratefulness for the time the employer spent in reading your letter and considering the resume. If you wish you can also include your willingness to meet in person or have a talk on the phone. Mention when you will be available on the contact number you mentioned.


Yours sincerely,
Name of Sender

Enclosures: Whatever documents you attach with this letter, e.g. resume, certificates, etc. note them down here in a listed form.

Sample Allergist Cover Letter

Tabitha Cruise
32, The Cruise Residential Towers
Durham Street - 8
Washington DC
Contact Number - 523 454 3765


Evelyn Rose
Human Resources Officer
Human Resources Department
Washington Anti-Allergens Study Center
Washington DC

Re: Application for the post of Allergist

Miss. Rose,

I am writing to you in response of the advertisement for the vacant position of an allergist in your organization which is posted on the notice board of university of Washington, department of chemical sciences. I want to express my wish to join Washington Anti-Allergens Study Center. I would like to mention to you that I have participated and successfully completed a project conducted by our department in the University of Washington. It was of figuring out which allergens are the most common ones that cause the maximum harm and using what drugs or natural anti allergens they can be brought under control. In the one year internship that I have done with my senior guide in the university I have performed the following duties:

Yours Respectfully
Tabitha Cruise


Referring to this example of the allergist cover letter you can choose to write your strong points and the qualities that you think will be appreciated by the employer. Personalize every cover letter i.e. in any number of organizations you apply your resume might be same but the cover letter has to change. So we all wish you the best for a bright future!

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