Animal Breeder Cover Letter

Breeding of animals is a special profession wherein you take care of the animals in all possible ways right from cleaning them, their sheds, collecting samples of semen, maintaining records about their temperature and symptoms of diseases if any, etc. An animal breeder also is efficient in handling machines that maintain a certain temperature that supports the breeding process, know the genetics about the animals he or she is involved in with respect to the breeding process, etc.

In the animal breeder cover letter one should mention everything that you think is essential in doing an animal breeder's job and gives you credits more than someone else who is applying for the same job. This you can write in the animal breeder cover letter as it will ensure that your resume is given more weightage. A resume has to be accompanied with customized cover letter nowadays if you wish to get quick response from the recruiters or employers.

Animal Breeder Cover Letter Format

Given below are the basic sections of a formal letter that comprise from and to sections with contact details of both the parties in conversation. It is also known as the American letter writing format for business letters. Some other important points and tips are given with these following subheads.

From: Name of the sender, postal address, e-mail address, contact number


To: Name of the addressee, designation held, organization's name, address, city

Reference: Position of Animal Breeder

Opening Salutation

Paragraph 1: main content

Paragraph 2: thank reader

Closing Salutation
Name of Sender

Documents: Enlist everything that is in the enclosures of this letter, like the resume, certificates, etc.

This example of animal breeder cover letter given below is fictitious but you can refer to it for writing your personalized letter. Refer to your job description before you start writing. You will get hints of what to highlight and thus discover new ways to convince the employer of your skills.

Sample Animal Breeder Cover Letter

Andy Bill
New Orlando Street
No. 102, Orchid Housing Society
New Jersey
E-mail Address -
Contact Number - 419 737 6787


Margaret Anthony
Human Resources Manager
Administrative Department
New Jersey Animal Breeding Corporation
310-315, New Jersey Flying Pitches
New Jersey

Re: Application for the post of Animal Breeder

Miss. Anthony,

I am writing to you with reference to the advertisement published online on one of the job search websites,, dated 08/16/2011. I understand you have an opening in your organization for Animal Breeders. I am interested in applying for the same. I have attached my resume along with this letter and yet I would like to say a few things.

What interests me the most in the job profile you have advertised is that New Jersey Animal Breeding Corporation deals with guinea pigs and rabbits. Both these animals are of my special interest and I have participated in many experiments done on them through various organizations as my resume will elaborate.

I really wish to be a part of your organization and I would like to meet you in person for the same. Is it possible for you to fix an appointment for the day after tomorrow? If yes, please do contact me on the phone number given above.

Thanking you very much.

Yours sincerely,
Andy Bill

Enclosures: Attached please find the following documents.

Make a note of the strengths you have and analyze what the employer will find useful and impressive. Find out the name and designation of the person whom you will write to. It is important to personalize the letter. With every job application the animal breeder cover letter has to be customized because every job will demand something different, something more, something less, so it better to write a letter accordingly.

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