Animal Caretaker Cover Letter

Cover letters are a new addition to your job application. It is submitted along with the resume because it adds value and also gives you a chance to speak your mind and convince the employer of your abilities. It is necessary anywhere to prove your mettle and for that what you need is just an opportunity. You can find this opportunity in the form of an animal caretaker cover letter. The cover letter can have informal details about yourself, which is of course related to the job profile, and about your interest in the particular job. You can try to convince the employer or recruiter to let you come for the interview. Let us tell you a few notable things about writing the cover letter.

Cover Letter Writing Tips

Animal Caretaker Cover Letter Format

Name of Sender
Postal Address Line 1
Postal Address Line 2
Email Address
Contact Number


Name of Addressee
Designation Held in the Organization
Name of Organization

Mr. / Miss. Last Name

Re: Post applied for

Introduction section of the letter: The reference section of this cover letter already specifies what you are interested in and what you are going to talk about. So in the body write about your abilities and skills in order to make the employer confident that you are the right candidate for the job.

Closing section of the letter:
Yours Truly,
Name of Sender

Enlist the number of documents that you are submitting along with your resume, for example, certificates, recommendation or experience letters, etc.

Sample Animal Caretaker Cover Letter

Torque Earnest
Falconravan Mansion
Mermaid Arena, Residential Lines - 8
E-mail Address -
Contact Number - (331) 440 0012


Bianca Castafiore
Human Resources Manager
Administrative and Recruitment Department
Minnesota State Animal Ranch
Farming Arena, Poultry Lines - 13

Re: Post of an Animal Caretaker

Miss. Castafiore,

I am happy to see the new posting on your official website about the vacant positions of Animal Caretakers. I wish to apply for this post and am sure I can offer my services happily as I love the job profile and have been employed in the non government organization, Animal Care and Ethical Treatment from the last four years. As a part of my hobby I am also a consulting Animal Caretaker in the State Zoo. I conduct seminars too in the local colleges and to the zoology students who have to do project work for their journals.

I would truly be glad to hold this position in Minnesota State Animal Ranch. I hope you find me equally capable and deserving of this position. Thanking you in earnest.

Yours Truly,
Torque Earnest.


  1. Resume
  2. Letter of Recommendation
  3. Award Certificates
  4. Experience Certificates
  5. Copies of Acting Specialized Course Certificate
  6. Educational Certificates

Taking this animal caretaker cover letter as an example, write your own letter to the recruiter of the firm you apply in. Customize the letter for every application to optimize your efforts for getting through the initial selection process. Best of luck to you for all your future endeavors!

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