ASL Interpreter Cover Letter

Before we start discussing about how to write an ASL interpreter cover letter, let us have a glance at what does an ASL interpreter actually do? The full form is American Sign Language (ASL), which itself explains the nature of their job. These professionals deal with conveying things told by foreigners to a certain group of people. Just like how translators are people who translate i.e. convert words of one language in some other language, ASL interpreters are people who just deal with the spoken words. While doing this, they are like a medium of communication and building a bridge, so they are required to be well aware of the local culture and be sensitive towards the same.

Now we will see how to write the ASL interpreter cover letter and we will start with some basic guidelines for writing cover letters.

Guidelines for Writing Cover Letter:

So these were some points to remember while writing cover letters in general and now let us see the format and a sample too in the following sections.

ASL Interpreter Cover Letter Format

Applicant's Name
Postal Address
Email Address
Contact Number


Addressee's Name
Organization's Name
Postal Address
City Name.

Re: the concerned post

Yours sincerely,
Applicant's Name

Enclosures: Resume, Certificates, Other Documents

ASL Interpreter Cover Letter Example

Jobi Thomas
Goldilocks Woods Housing Society,
St. Maria Street 5, Block J,
Contact Number - 1234 567 890

Robyn Rachel
Recruiting Officer
Michigan Council of Interpreters
Highway No.9, Society of Interpreters,

Miss. Rachel,
Re: Application for ASL Interpreter

I take this opportunity to apply for the ASL Interpreter's post in Michigan Council of Interpreters. I was serving as an Interpreter and translator for three reputed firms till now, for the last six years. I have sound knowledge of the cultures of few countries, as mentioned in my resume and proficient knowledge of Japanese and French. I think I have the potential in serving in your organization. Kindly consider my application for the same.

Thank you for the precious time you invested in reading this letter of mine. I am sure your investment on me as an employee will be fruitful in the long run for the organization.

Yours sincerely,
Jobi Thomas


  1. Letter of Recommendation
  2. Resume
  3. Certificates
  4. Relieving letter
  5. Experience Letter
  6. Copy of Latest Salary Slip
  7. Address Proof
  8. Identity Proof

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