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Cover letter as you know is really important these days to apply for a specific job. This letter helps to show your interest and is way of formerly introducing yourself to the prospective employer. The audiologist cover letter can be a key to a new job if written with a purpose and clarity. The main goal of such cover letters is to focus on the tasks involved which in this case involved diagnosing, managing and treating ear or balance related problems.

Audiologists are ones who work with those having ear problems and this includes hearing difficulties, balance problems and other ear related problems. The job of the audiologists is to test the data and make diagnosis and determine a course of treatment. They usually practiced in health care facilities and some provides services to schools, colleges, universities, clinics, hospitals and private industry.

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Dear Mr. CPT,

I am licensed and certified doctor of audio logy and interested in applying for the position of audiologist which you have listed on the website (insert the website). I have three years of experience of diagnosing and managing and treating hearing problems in patients of all ages.

If you wish to meet me in person and discuss my ability to do the job, please contact me at (insert your contact details) and I'll arrange to come to your office at your convenience any weekday morning. Thank you for considering this letter and my resume.

I look forward in meeting you in person.


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Enclosed: resume

Cover letters are a must with every resume in most of the companies these days. Another sample letter is given below that will provide with some important guidelines and tips.

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Dear Mr. / Dr. MNC,

I am responding to the advertisement in the local newspaper for an audiologist. I consider that my credentials and interests matches up the requirement you are looking for. I would like to apply for the position.

I graduated from a reputed university and have an experience as an audiologist for the last five years. I have worked with other audiologists and have done tasks and responsibilities that focus on dealing with balance, hearing and other related ear disorders. I have examined and identified balance, auditory and various other neutral problems. I have also tested devices such as computers and audiometers which allow audiologist to determine which sound a patient hears and the volume at which he or she can hear, and the impact it can create of balance problems or hearing loss on the patient's daily life (you can see my resume for detail). Inevitably, a well trained and professional audiologist is highly needed for the growth and development of the integrity of any hospital. I believe I am the one who has skill as well as experience that you have been looking for.

I would be kind if you could give me an opportunity to discuss on how my education and experiences will help and be useful for you and your hospital. I will be contacting you tomorrow morning on phone call about the possibility of arranging an interview. Thank you for the attention and consideration you have made to read this cover letter.

Sincerely yours:

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Enclosures: resume

These are some samples of audiologist cover letter that will guide you how to write one of your own. Making an excellent cover letter can be one step to get your dream job.

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