EMT Cover Letter

A cover letter for a position of emergency medical technician is compulsory in order to support the resume. Since no employers take any action for hiring employees without any appropriate reason, having skills to write a cover letter is very useful to survive the competition. Your ability to write succinctly is important in getting a ticket to the interview.

An EMT cover letter is an introduction of the applicant to the would-be employer. However, there are certain rules that when applied in writing improve the chance of selection. First, it should have a business letter format. Second, it should not be too lengthy or too short, and must be on one single page only. Most importantly, it should be specific. This means, your background and the position applied must have a strong connection.

Once you have familiarize with the rules thoroughly, the next thing to pay attention is the grammar and typo mistake. Remember, nothing could spoil your chances for an interview other than spelling and incorrect grammar. Therefore, check every sentence in and out for more than once. Better, ask any third person to read and find mistakes. Correct them and then only mail the cover letter.

Cover Letter Sample

Jack L. Free
4101 Duck Creek Road
Brisbane, CA 94005
Phone: 650-784-5559
Email: jlfree@bsr.com

October 01, 2013

Billy E. Frye
Hiring Manager
Quick Medical Response
1284 Illinois Avenue
Brisbane, CA 94005

Subject: application for EMT position

Dear Frye,

My search for a challenging job and a great work environment that allows free hands in exploring professional skills has brought me to your official website. After knowing about you, and the opening for a position, I am happy to write this application for an EMT position at Quick Medical Response.

I have a valid and current Emergency Medical Technician license, and have been serving the community with my promptness for four years. I have left the count on how many lives I have saved during my career. For every hour of a day is so busy and hectic, there is no respite to the calls made by the dispatchers. Nevertheless, I rejoice every single moment of my work.

I have assessed trauma patients and offered medical assistance to help them reach safely till the facility. My skills include mobilizing spinal, joint dislocation, and long bone fracture. I am perfect in performing traction splinting, bleeding control, shock and cardiac arrest management, administering supplemental oxygen, and mouth-to-mouth ventilation.

I enjoy working with other professionals such as the police, social services, fire service and above all health professionals. I take great interest in self-development and leave no chance to update myself with latest medical news. I hope my skills and experience has convinced you to call me for an interview. Please remember my application as I will call you this Friday. Thank you for your time.


Jack L. Free

Enclosure: Resume

This cover letter is displays the specific skills an applicant working in emergency care need to possess. It also makes clear the writer's willingness to work in a team of healthcare professionals, and other services that offer emergency care.

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