Environmental Chemist Cover Letter

The study of man-made chemicals and environment is known as environmental chemistry. Since the number of chemicals and toxins are increasingly released in the environment there is a huge demand for environmental chemists with government agencies. These researchers will conduct a detailed research on the impact of human activities on nature.

The main duties of an environmental chemist is testing and gathering oil samples, revamping and designing the production systems, which are more environments friendly. While writing a cover letter for the post of environmental chemist you will have to make sure that you are writing it in the correct format and marketing yourself properly.

Make sure that you are brief but only to the point. You will have to state the why and for what position you are applying. Ensure that there are no mistakes about it. Your cover letter has to be perfection in itself. A poor printing job, a typo or a misspelling will give a bad impression because that simply means that you do not care. Always remember that you should never submit a hand written letter.

These days you will find various online templates of cover letters. These templates may look tempting to you but never cut paste the same letter. This will simply give a wrong impression and make the employer judge your ethics. Always try to write the cover letter in your own words. Here is an example environmental chemist cover letter to guide you.

Sample Environmental Chemist Cover Letter

Your Contact Information
Peter Andrews
2384 Margaret Lane
Gold coast Beach, CA9294
Mobile: 958-274-9414
E-mail id: a.peter@example.com

Employer Contact Information
Mr. Marshall Grant
National Chemical Institute
1847 Fairfield Street
California, CA9378

Date: June 30, 2011

Dear Mr. Grant,

I am writing this letter hoping to get the position of environmental chemist with your organization. I am aware that my background in chemistry and excellent ability in scanning the sample will enable me to be a useful asset with your team and your organization as well.

Here is a summary of my qualifications and experience below that you can find in more detail in my attached resume:

It is essential that any given organization has a strong team for having a good chance of success. I know that I can be an integral part of the team and would prove to be beneficial to National Chemical Institute.

I would like to meet you in person and discuss this opportunity in detail further. You can easily contact me at 958-274-9414 or you can e-mail me at a.peter@example.com.

Peter Andrews
Your Signature

Enclosure: Resume

This is sample format for environmental chemist cover letter. You can format this or make a new one in your own words. Make sure that you check the letter twice before sending it to the prospective employer.

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