Health Educator Cover Letter

Health has always been the most important asset to mankind. Rightly said health is wealth. After witnessing the epidemics like AIDS the need of health educators has increased a lot.

A health educator makes people aware of the basic hygiene concepts and prevention of diseases along with recognizing alarming symptoms and getting medical help at right time.

The onset of any disease creates insecurity in general among human race. A health educator apart from teaching them above mentioned tasks also helps in controlling fear and anxiety prevailing in the society.

If you wish to apply for this post of health educator, apart from excellent knowledge in the related field you would need a cover letter. To make your task a bit easier we provide you with a sample cover letter of a health educator.

Sample Health Educator Cover Letter

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Date: MM/ DD/ YYYY

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Sub: Application for the post of health educator

Ref: Your ad in the New York Times dated June8, 20XX

Respected Sir/Madam,

With reference to your ad in the classified in The New York Times dated June 8, 2011 I would like to apply for the post of health educator in your NGO. I understand the gravity of 'health' and am aware of all the ill effects of not maintaining good health. I understand that health does not only mean physical health. Health comprises social, financial and mental health also. I am well qualified in helping people attaining a healthy lifestyle for their betterment.

I have good convincing power and this has helped me in persuading people to follow certain good habits to improve their health. Excellent communication skills that I possess make the workshops I conduct interesting and far from monotony. They are quite interactive with open discussions. Patience and endurance have made it possible for me to approach every family repeatedly unless they start following healthy habits.

I have done my masters in health education with village area as a specialty. While studying I have had ample field experience. I have worked on ground level with villagers to implement cleanliness. Monitoring, supervising, and executing have always been my responsibilities.

I have been working with ABC Organization for past 5 years. Apart from the responsibilities of a health educator of educating people I have also been arranging sponsorships and donations for events in which we teach basic concepts of being healthy. I have organized special sessions for people suffering from intractable depression. They were counseled, checked and advised certain life style modifications. This was done by a dedicated team of doctors.

I have been giving talks in various MNCs and educational institutions regarding 'live healthy'. They have been quite a success in last few years.

I have enclosed the following documents with this cover letter. I assure you that I would never disappoint you if selected.

  1. Resume
  2. Letter of Recommendation
  3. Experience Letter
  4. Relieving Letter
  5. Copies of Identity Proof
  6. Copies of Address Proof
  7. Educational Certificates

Copies of Latest Salary Slip

Sincerely yours,

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