Interventionist Cover Letter

Interventionist Cover Letter is a brief outline of the professional character of an interventionist. Interventionists can be of the political, economic, or medical variety. Political Interventionists act to spread the influence of their government in those areas that are technically beyond their government's sphere of influence. Economic Interventionists are entrusted to deal with difficult economic situations, national and / or international. These are usually part of the finance ministry or the central bank of the country's government. Medical Interventionists can be related to prolonging the life span of patients. They may also be related to addiction interventions helping patients to free themselves from drug, alcohol, or any other substance addiction.

Addiction Interventionists need to possess a bachelor's degree or equivalent experience in substance abuse therapy, counseling, or family therapy. Theoretical qualification is necessary to deal with the technical aspects of this job like interpreting the results of drug tests and framing of the rehabilitation plan. Excellent interpersonal skills are a must as these help the candidate to deal with disturbed patients and their disturbed families. The applicant should be able to communicate effectively with the patient and have a relaxing influence on him.

Apart from highlighting these traits of the applicant, the interventionist cover letter should bring out the ability and readiness of the candidate in dealing with embarrassing and stressful situations in a firm and graceful manner. This quality is essential when the patient starts showing withdrawal symptoms by getting restless or even violent. Other aspects that need to be depicted in the cover letter include the reason for the candidate to seek employment with the organization in question. This lends a personal touch to the letter and also demonstrates that the applicant is thorough and has done his homework before composing the job application.

Here is an example of interventionist cover letter:

Sample of Addiction Interventionist Cover Letter

December 29, 2011
Maurice Taylor
100 Selwyn Avenue,
Charlotte, NC 28274

Dr. Rodger Dent
Head of Department,
Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Department,
MedPoint Hospitals,
300 Lamar Avenue,
Charlotte, NC 28204

Dear Dr. Dent,

This is with reference to your advertisement in the "Charlotte Business Journal", dated December 25, 2011, inviting applications for the position of a drug / narcotics interventionist in the rehabilitation department of your esteemed organization. I hold all the qualifications necessary for appointment as a drug interventionist in your institution as per the conditions of eligibility mentioned in your advertisement. I have over five years of experience as a narcotics interventionist and I am looking for an opportunity to work with an organization known to adopt a comprehensive approach and provide great facilities to its employees.

During my experience as a drug interventionist, I have successfully rehabilitated numerous drug addicts. I am well versed with the entire procedure of drug rehabilitation and the level of customization and persistence needed to ensure successful rehabilitation and prevention of relapse. I have a bachelor's degree in substance abuse therapy that provides an excellent technical background. I am cognizant with the medical tests conducted to determine the type of drug and the duration for which it has been used by the patient. I know the manner in which the results of these tests are used to plan the rehabilitation program.

I possess excellent interpersonal skills that allow me to interact with the patient, his friends, and family. These skills also enable me to provide soothingly friendly yet firm advice to the patient, especially while dealing with withdrawal symptoms. Apart from this, I can handle stressful and embarrassing situations in a graceful manner.

It will be a pleasure to work with an institution like yours. I have attached my resume with this cover letter. You can get in touch with me on the telephone number or the email address mentioned above.

Yours sincerely,

(Maurice Taylor)
Enclosure: Resume

Interventionist Cover Letter must bring out the dexterity of the candidate in making a successful intervention in the crisis situation and solve the problem. The focus should be on the problem solving and decision making skills of the candidate.

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