Kinesiologist Cover Letter

Kinesiologist Cover Letters are the short and sweet introductions to the job applications of kinesiologists. They provide a compact description of the professional character of the kinesiologist. A kinesiologist must be able to evaluate his clients and patients and provide customized treatments from the available treatment options. The clients of a kinesiologist can include those with movement disorders and he must be able to assess the fitness of the client before he determines the appropriate program and starts to administer it.

Other areas that need to be specifically but briefly mentioned in the cover letter include the candidate's skill in working with different type of equipment for improving body movements of clients, prescribing medications that do not interfere with other medications or physical conditions of the client, and advising proper diet. If the candidate can link the relevance of his work with the overall physical and psychological health of the client, then there is nothing like it. This can be done through a swift mention of achievements during his professional career.

Kinesiologist Cover Letters need to satisfy the twin but slightly contradictory requirements of getting the point across effectively, but in the minimum possible words. Then again, they need to provide technical information without getting too technical. The best way to do this is to get inside the mind of the recruiter. He may be only a management person with no technical background. The trick then is to phrase the cover letter in a manner that a non technical person can understand it without much effort. Also, ensure that the letter is a mixture of technical and administrative competencies. Employers look for both these traits in potential employees as both are needed for the successful execution of responsibilities related to any job position.

Sample Kinesiologist Cover Letter

November 24, 2011

Stanley Morton
800 2nd Avenue,
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487

Dr. David Elliot
Superintending Authority,
WeCare Accident Hospital,
2100 5th Street,
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

Dear Dr. Elliot,

This is with reference to your advertisement in "The Alabama Gazette", dated November 21, 2011, inviting applications for the post of a kinesiologist in your well known hospital. I have seven years experience as a kinesiologist and I am looking for an opening with an organization that provides top quality services and values human life and dignity.

As a kinesiologist, I have worked with a whole range of clients and patients. These include exceptionally fit professional athletes, amateur sportsman, patients recovering from minor and major accidents, senior citizens, teenagers, dancers, and middle aged people all wanting to improve their fitness and movements. I specialize in working with patients wanting to improve their movements after accidents. I also have considerable expertise in working with prosthetic arm teams. I was a member of the physiotherapy team that worked with the Alabama Rugby Team of 2008 season.

I am qualified with a degree in Kinesiology and my wide experience in working with people ranging from the superbly fit to the overweight has acquainted me with all finer points of this profession. I have a caring attitude that has helped me to work with physically and mentally disturbed patients. I also have a soothing style of communicating with my patients and clients.

It would be an honor to work with an institution that is equally well known for its professionalism and compassion. If given the opportunity, I will go out of my way to serve my patients and will look upon this position as a duty, not merely as a career. I have attached my resume with this letter. You can contact me on the telephone number or the email address I have mentioned at the beginning of this letter.

Yours Sincerely,
(Stanley Morton)

Kinesiologist Cover Letters will be more effective if the candidate starts by informing the recruiter the precise reasons for seeking employment with that particular organization. This information will start the letter on positive note and set the tone for the entire job application.

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