Masseur Cover Letter

Cover letter is written to address the employer. It is an introduction letter sent by the job applicants to the employers while applying for jobs. They focus only on important but relevant content, which matches with the opportunity you are going for. Employers go through the cover letters of the applicants and then shortlist the candidates. It is said that they give the first impression of the candidate to the employer; and the first impression is the last impression.

Masseur cover letter can play crucial role in winning the employment opportunity. Masseur knows the specialized techniques to relax the muscles. He works in a variety of fields. If the client is suffering from muscle problems, the masseur can recommend them massage to relax the body. Masseur would first understand the physical history of the candidate and accordingly recommend him the massage type or oil type to be applied on his body.

The masseur works on individual basis with the clients. It is important to complete a course or training program to become masseur. You need to complete National Certification Examination for massage to become certified masseur. Professional attitude, business skills, and interpersonal skills are the major skills required to become a masseur. They can work independently as well as in hotels, fitness centers, and spas.

How to write Masseur Cover Letter

The masseur cover letter is divided into three major parts: correspondence details and salutations, introduction, heart of letter and final conclusion of the letter. In the first part, addresses of the sender and receiver, this is followed by the salutation lines. In the body part of the cover letter, we need to mention key but pertinent roles and responsibilities of the candidate such as, rubbing and stroking to increase the blood circulation in the body, using vibrating equipments, giving steam, and reducing remedial exercise. You are also required to highlight the key skills and abilities such as ability to apply strokes on the body with variation, ability to determine the pain type and accordingly apply the lotion, and ability understand the customer's comfort level. In the conclusion part of the letter, you will mention the next course of action by the candidate.

Andy Richmond
P.O.Box 8932,
Little Falls, NJ-8932
Phone: 984-893-892

Robert Alehouse
Senior Recruiter,
Omega Health Club
054, Tice Blvd,
Totowa, NJ-89123
Phone: 984-389-8923

Date: December, 12, 2011

Dear Sir,

With response to your advertisement "Totowa Daily", I am applying for the post of a masseur in your health club. I have read the advertised job details. I have realized that my seven years of experience in body massage, rehabilitation of injuries, and acupressure makes me proud to claim for this position.

I started working as an assistant to the massage therapist in City Massage Centre, Totowa; in the year 2004.In two years of time, I achieved all the requisite skills and started handling the clients on individual basis. I was also given the responsibility of California centre in its starting phase, which is functioning at its best now.

I have completed by certificate course in massage therapy. I possess exceptional skills to handle the Swedish massage, reflexology, and sports massage. I have also worked for state soccer team and rehabilitating injuries during tournaments.

I was awarded as the best masseurs by California Massage Centre in the year 2008.I have also received several appreciation letters from team coach and other sports personalities.

I am confident that if given an opportunity, I will be able to give the best of my performance.

I have, herewith, attached my updated resume and letter of appreciation for your further reference. Looking forward to work with you; I would be waiting for further communication from your end.

Sincerely yours,

Signature Andy Richmond


  1. Resume
  2. Letter of Appreciation

The Masseur Cover Letter gives short but effective description of the candidate career path. It describes the candidate's journey from the scratch to being an award winning masseur.

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