Masseuse Cover Letter

A masseuse cover letter should start with how you found out about the post and your qualifications in the field. It should not be the replica of your resume and should be impressive. It should contain your qualifications, hobbies, what you aspire for, what you have accomplished and what you wish to achieve. It is a document that accompanies the resume and augments it. It is like additional information apart from your resume that impresses upon your abilities and competence. You could even include work experience into your cover letter if you have any. This can further enhance your impression upon the recruiter.

A cover letter is all about presenting a good image and standing out. You need to be unique in the composition of your resume and prove to the recruiter that you are worth the post. Your resume should stand out and scream recruit! A few pointers one should remember while composing a cover letter:

Sample Masseuse Cover Letter

Katie Bell
76 Baker's Street
Buckingham Palace Road
California 678800

Contact number: 0015675439/ 0015678935


The Manager
Four Fountains Spa
34 McKinley Street
California 678813

Dear Sir

Subject: Application for the post of a masseuse.
Reference: Advertisement in the American Times.

I recently came across the advertisement for the post of a masseuse published in the columns of the American Times. I have been a masseuse for over ten years and have worked for several different companies. My profession has always been my hobby and it is my pleasure to be of service to people. I specialize in deep tissue massage, shiatsu massage and aromatherapy.

I first worked under Miranda Bloom of New York where I used to work part time when I was in college for a year. Then I completed my course in deep tissue massage at Aroma Therapy Parlor. As I continued to bask in the massage therapy field, I explored different types of massages and came across aromatherapy. I specialized in aromatherapy for over three years and worked at Seven Angels Spa for the next six years.

I have been massaging for over ten years now and have no unsatisfied clients. I am regular at work and deliver the best I can. I have not had any issues or problems at my work place and I do not let my domestic affairs interfere with my work. I am strictly professional and am sincere at what I do. I could come in and give a demo massage if you would have me.

Thanking you
Yours sincerely
Katie Bell

In a masseuse cover letter, one should include all the work experience he has had and the specializations and qualifications. The recruiter looks out for hiring strictly professional people who can deliver what they promise to and are good at what they do. Your cover letter should stand out and be the epitome of your charisma.

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