Medical Assistant Cover Letter

Before we discuss about medical assistant cover letter, let us first understand what cover letter is and what resume is and how both are related to each other. Résumé is a document which is used by the individuals to project their professional and personal background and claims the suitability for job opportunity. It is not always necessary to follow a specific format for writing a resume. Each resume is different on its own. Your resume should suit your situation and it should tell everything about you and your profession, which is significant to the job position.

Out of hundred resumes, hardly 5-7 resumes would be able to stir the interest of the employer because they are written with proper structure and format. The fact is that even for one or two position; hundreds of resumes are piled and it's a strenuous task for the employer to shortlist the candidate. For that reason, it is important to make a note that the resume has to be outstanding and attractive. It is necessary to project few facts, which may prove important in getting your resumes shortlisted. In the fields like marketing, advertising and art, the resume can serve as a sample of their skills.

A cover letter must complement to your resume and it should not be the substitute for the resume. A cover letter is said to be the first point of contact between the employer and the candidate. There are three major types of cover letters: application cover letter, networking cover letter, and enquiry cover letter. The enquiry cover letter enquires about the possible job positions. The networking cover letter requests information in your job hunting. The application cover letter is most often used type of cover letter. Your cover letter should put focus on the candidate's significant abilities, which can coincide with the organizational requirements. In the beginning of the cover letter, state as why are you writing the cover letter. Express the enthusiasm in the job opportunity and identify the pertinent skills and experience and showcase that in the letter. Connect your knowledge and experience with the company's requirement.

Sample Medical Assistant Cover Letter

Robert Clarke
210, Park Avenue,
Totowa, NJ-90231
Phone: 890-123-9802
Date: Jan 12, 2011

Peter Borough
Senior Recruiter, Brioschi Inc.
340, Changebridge Rd,
Montville, NJ-90832
Phone: 890-123-9023

Dear Mr. Borough,

With response to your advertisement in the "Montville Daily", dated January 11, 2012, I am applying for the position of a medical assistant in your organization. I am confident that based on my over six years of huge experience in the medical field and exceptional caring skills, I will best suit the position of a medical assistant.

I started my career with Williamsons Hospital in the year 2005 as an entry-level clerical assistant. Throughout my tenure in the hospital I have played important role in administrative and clinical assistance. I have completed my Bachelor's degree in Biology and I have good understanding of anatomy, mathematics, and bookkeeping; which is an added advantage for me. Being a medical assistant with my current employer, my job description includes submitting medical claim form, scheduling appointments of the patients, sorting the mails, greeting the patients, scheduling medical tests, looking after hospital admissions, updating the patients' files, and arranging hospital admissions.

I have also handled the extra duties of optometric assistant and played key role in testing the eyes and guided the patients on the proper use of contact lenses.

I have attached copies of my academic certificates and updated resume. I am looking forward to be employed by you.

Thanks and Regards,

Robert Clarke


The sample medical assistant cover letter showcases the candidate's professional and personal details. It emphasizes the candidate's achievements and performance in his previous roles.

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