Medical Billing Specialist Cover Letter

Cover letter is a letter, which is sent to the company's recruiter while applying for any job position. It always accompanies the resume. Cover letter is also named as a motivation letter. Only after going through the cover letters, the employers shortlist the candidates. Résumé, on the other hand, is detailed document, which gives complete information about the candidate's personal, professional, and academic details. It is supposed to be a long one.

The resume is usually sent along with the cover letter while applying for any job application. Many resumes contain the keywords, which are pertinent to the job position applied for. In today's life, the resumes are mostly sent electronically. The resume should contain concise and accurate information. A résumé is also a marketing tool in which content must be long enough to provide precise information.

There are many types of resumes the major being reverse chronological, hybrid, and functional resumes. Reverse chronological resume gives the job description in a reverse chronological manner. It mostly covers last 10 to 15 years of candidate's experience. In this format of resume, the start date is listed as a current year date. The functional resumes focus on the skills and abilities, which are relevant to the job profile applied. The format puts stress on professional capabilities and uses his experience as a way of communicating professional competency. The hybrid resume is combination of both the functional résumé and reverse chronological resume.

The cover letter is mainly divided into four parts: correspondence details, introduction to concerned job position, main body and conclusion. In the body of the letter, you need to mention the pertinent personal, professional and academic details of the candidate. It logically arranges the candidate's accomplishments, which can overlap with the job that is being applied.

Make sure that you highlight your accomplishments and give logical and orderly description of the candidate's professional journey. It also amplifies the details given in the resume. It explains why the job seeker is interested in the concerned job postion.If you wish to mention any special thing such as availability of the date; you can inform that to the employer through the cover letter. There are several types of cover letters such as letter of enquiry, acceptance letter, thank you letter; application letter etc.The application cover letter is most commonly used cover letter. It is sent while responding to the advertisements regarding job opening.

Sample Medical Billing Specialist Cover Letter

Solomon David
043, Scott Street,
Glendale, CA-98432
Phone: 034-293-0932

Jacob Hopkins
Human Resource Manager,
Westminster Hospital
043, Callan Rd,
Palm Springs, CA-98432
Phone: 904-340-2012

Dear Mr. Hopkins,

With reference to your advertisement in "Palm Springs Daily", dated December 20, 2011, I am applying for a position of a medical billing specialist in your organization.

I started as an entry level medical billing specialist with the Dr.Simmons Medical Foundation, Glendale; in the year 2004.I handled the core responsibilities such as answering questions for patients and insurance companies, preparing and sending patient statements, reviewing accounts for making recommendations for higher authorities, and processing payments from the insurance companies. In two years, I was promoted as a senior medical billing specialist based on my knowledge and harwork.I have shown tremendous commitment to my job, which resulted into more responsibilities.

I am currently working with Michelle Hospital; I have been an asset to the employer for the last four and half years. I have played many crucial roles in collecting and managing account payments. I have been a consistent performer in the team of seven.

I have, herewith, attached my updated resume and letter of appreciation from my current employer. I am sure that my profile will match your job requirement and I will exceed your expectation through my performance. I am looking forward to work with you.

Yours sincerely,

Solomon David

Enclosure: Resume and letter of appreciation.

The sample billing specialist cover letter is well structured weaving the candidate's professional and personal details and emphasizing his achievements.

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