Medical Esthetician Cover Letter

While cover letter is called as an introduction letter while resume is a document used by individuals to present skill sets and their background. The resume is one of the first items, which are given to employer for consideration. A typical resume include relevant job description, academic details and personal details. The resume is short. Many professional resume writers and human resource personnel believe that the resume should be long enough covering important points. The resume is the best business letter and it gives detailed but relevant information of the candidate's professional, personal and academic achievements.

It is said that the resume should be long enough so that it can provide the exact information. The cover letter cannot be long because it gives just the overview of your professional career, academic achievements, professional achievements, and personal abilities. There are majorly three forms of resume and three forms of cover letters. The three forms of resumes are functional resumes, which focuses on the skills that are pertinent for the position. This format emphasizes on the professional abilities and uses the experience as its primary means. Hybrid resumes include the list of job skills which are followed by chronological professional experience. Last format is online resumes, which is the most recent and useful format. This format of resume is used widely because it is cost saving and it gives a rich experience. We can send one single copy to multiple employers simultaneously.

Cover letters have three major types. Networking cover letter, prospecting cover letter and application cover letter. The application cover letter is the most widely used cover letter format. The application cover letter is send along with the job application and resume. It is send while responding to the job advertisement in any newspaper or magazine. The prospecting cover letter enquires about possible job positions in various organizations. It is mostly used as a marketing option for new candidate in the job market. The networking cover letter asks for information in the sender's job search.

Both cover letter and resume are equally important factors in seeking the job. Cover letter is more important because it gives first impression to the employer and it is required to be more specific, relevant and brief. The resume can be long to convey the precise message.

Sample Medical Esthetician Cover Letter

Arnold Gibbs
94, Camino Santa Fe,
San Diego, CA-89342
Phone: 894-091-2012

Robert Alwa
Senior Recruiter, Median Conforms Inc
903, Pasadena, CA-98231
Phone: 904-304-1021

Dear Sir,

With response to your advertisement in "Pasadena Daily", dated December 12, 2011, I am applying for the post of medical esthetician. I possess exceptional skills of serving people, ability to handle skin disorder diseases such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis and ability to sustain in rehabilitative treatments.

During my tenure as a medical esthetician, I have helped reducing bruising skin, demonstrated massage techniques, dealt with patients who have severe disorder which affect their self esteem, discerned patients' and informing them of what they can realistically expect.

I have more than seven years of experience of as a medical esthetician. I have been an asset to my employer from the day one in my career. I have served many patients and helped them come out of the tragic medical situation. I have a servicing attitude and I believe in servicing the patient following the God's wish.

I started my career with St.Johnson's Hospital in Pasadena in the year 2004.Starting from scratch; I was instrumental in evolving the esthetic structure and performance level of the department. I have contributed in the rehabilitation process of the critical patients for the first two years. I was awarded as the best esthetician by the hospital management and directorate. I got an opportunity to work for some Nigerian patients in the city to help them come out of acne, which paved my way for promotion.

I have, herewith, attached my updated resume and appreciation letter from foreign institutions for your reference. I am looking forward to work with you.

Yours sincerely,

Arnold Gibbs


To conclude, the esthetician cover letter includes all the important points pertinent to his professional, academic, personal information.

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