Medical Interpreter Cover Letter

The cover letter starts with a header part. It contains the correspondence addresses of both the sender and receiver (applicant and the employer).It is followed by the greeting line. In the body part of the letter, you can mention the pertinent details of the candidate. In the cover letter, you write about his professional experience, his academic details, his personal capabilities and skills. You need to make one thing sure that your content is not distracting the reader or the employer. You need to maintain the candidate's attention and appeal him through your outstanding candidature.

The medical interpreter plays a crucial role in establishing the communication between doctors and patients. The medical interpreters help reducing the language barriers. They and the health care interpreters are quiet important for the physicians. The physicians may attract many foreign patients because of the medical interpreters. They may also help to reduce the malpractices conducted by the physicians. They may also help to reduce the mistakes committed by the doctors. Most of medical interpreters are just high school diploma holders. College education is not required for the interpreters but still many employers prioritize the highly educated interpreters.

Medicals interpreters are required to know at least two languages. Most often good knowledge of English and other language is required. Medical interpreters have good knowledge of medical terminologies and good language skills. After getting the standard training one can become a certified medical interpreter. Medical interpreters discuss many sensitive issues with the doctors and the patients. The medical interpreters help the physicians to understand the patients' history. They also let the doctors know the reasons for their (patients) visit and their medical symptoms.

How to write the Medical Interpreter Cover Letter

The medical interpreter cover letter also has three major parts starting with the applicant and recruiter's contact details. After the greeting lines, the body of the cover letter follows. It is important to emphasize on the candidate's pertinent professional experience and achievements to attract the employer such as sitting with the patients in the exam room, discussing sensitive issues with both the patients and the doctors etching the conclusion part of the cover letter, it is important to emphasize the candidate's next action such as following up with the employer or waiting for their reply.

Sample Medical Interpreter Cover Letter

Chris Castilian
943, San Vincent Blvd,
San Diego, CA-98312
Phone: 904-203-1021

Robert Mcgraham
Senior Recruiter, Dey Medical Foundation
3420, William Rd,
San Jose, CA-90432
Phone: 904-230-9483

Dear Mr. Mcgraham,

With reference to your advertisement in "San Josť News" magazine, dated December 20, 2011, I am applying for the position of medical interpreter in your hospital. I am confident that my huge experience as medical and exceptional language skills will surely meet your expectations.

I have more than six years of experience in medical interpretation. I started my career as a trainee medical interpreter with Leo Medical Services, San Jose, in the year of 2006.I have handled all the major responsibilities such as assisting nurses and physicians by taking vital signs, updating the patients' medical records and other administrative duties

I hold a graduate degree from St.Vincent College, San Jose and I posses exceptional skills such as good knowledge of English and Spanish, excellent written and verbal communication, ability to build confidence between doctors and the patients, and exceptional knowledge of medical terminologies and cultural trends.

In my three and half years of experience with the current employer St.John's Hospital, I have given complete dedication and concentration for my current role. I have outperformed the other interpreters and I have been the most preferred interpreter in the hospital for last five months.

My outgoing personality, friendly nature and good language skills make me an outstanding medical interpreter. I am confident that this opportunity will give new direction to my career. I am looking forward to work with you.

Sincerely yours,

Chris Castilian

Enclosure: Resume

The medical interpreter cover letter gives short description of the candidate's professional experience and his pertinent accomplishments.

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