Medical Lab Technician Cover Letter

Before we discuss about the medical lab technician cover letter, it is advisable to understand what cover letter is. The cover letter is an important document, which is used to send the application to the prospective employers to seek the job opportunities. The cover letters are also referred to as letters of preface. It showcases the candidate's academic and specialized experience and knowledge. It also throws light on the candidate's skills and abilities which can be coincided with the organizational requirements.

While writing the cover letter, it is important that you tailor the cover letter as per the requirement of the job you are into. If you are sending the CV or resume along with it, you need to explain it. If your cover letter is impressive and if it meets the basic requirements of the potential employer, he would go ahead and look into the resume. It is also required to mention how you got to know about the job opportunity and how the candidate is suitable for the potential job position. You may also state the reason for your interest in the job position. You must list the reasons what make you an outstanding candidate. You need to explain why you are an ideal candidate for the job position. You need to use certain value and ethics that you posses and showcase the achievements that you have achieved in the past. It is necessary to avoid the value judgments which you cannot prove. The length of the paragraph and the tone of the paragraph should differ to maintain the interest of the potential employer.

The resume can be detail oriented. It may contain all important achievements and experience, which are significant. It also includes your personal details and projects you as a professional. You full address, contact details, phone number and e-mail ID will help the employer to easily get in touch with you. You can write about your academic histories which include your degrees and courses which are significant.

Summarize your experience starting from the most recent experience. It is necessary to ensure that there are no evident gaps in your educational journey and professional experience. Mention the technical knowledge and languages known. While writing the proficiency in the languages, you are required to rate it like basic, fluent and competent.

Sample Medical Lab Technician Cover Letter

Robert Gillespie

43, Tice Blvd,
Princeton, NJ-98432
Phone: 890-129-9832

Date: Jan 24, 2012

Richard Murray

Human Resource Manager, Brioschi Inc.
104 College Rd,
Fair Lawn, NJ-98324
Phone: 890-123-0983

Dear Mr. Murray,

With response to your advertisement in "Fair Lawn Daily", dated January 12, 2012, I am applying for the position of a medical lab technician in your hospital. Based on huge experience in performing tests on blood and tissues and helping the physician in diagnosing and treating the patients, I am sure that my profile will best suit your organizational requirement.

Apart from a high school diploma, I have completed an accredited medical lab program. My exceptional knowledge of microbiology, immunology, laboratory mathematics, pathology and chemistry helped me to be at top during my academic tenure. I also hold certificate of American Medical Technologist (AMT) .I have more than four years of experience in this industry and I have good hand on many complex and crucial medical experiments.

As a medical lab technician, I have handled many job responsibities which include testing for drug levels in the blood to check if the patient is responding to the treatment, making urine, tissue and blood samples, monitoring tests and processes, checking the blood transfusion if they are matching ,and analyzing various components of fluid.

I am confident that my profile will surely surpass your expectation and offer me an opportunity to showcases my skills and talent. I am looking forward to be employed by you. I have attached my educational certificates and updated resume for your kind reference.

Thanks and Regards,

Robert Gillespie


The sample medical lab technician cover letter throws light on the candidate's personal and professional deeds. It also emphasizes on his skills and abilities which are significant.

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