Medical Laboratory Technician Cover Letter

Cover letter plays an important role in seeking a job opportunity in any field. A medical laboratory cover letter needs to focus on the relevant but important points, which can impress the employer. We do not need to focus on certain thing, which may be outstanding in the candidate's profile but they are irrelevant and uncalled for. As a medical lab technician, you are answerable to medical technologists, and physicians to perform tests of blood and body fluid. This helps the physicians to diagnose diseases.

The medical laboratory technician enters data from medical tests and clinical results and enters into the computer. The medical laboratory technician maintains equipment and provides technical information. A medical laboratory technician must have a good knowledge of animal organism, functions, tissues, interdependencies, interactions with each other and climate. He must be well trained or need to have a good knowledge of treating human injuries and deformity. They must know the meaning and spelling of certain words, sentence formation, and grammar in order to understand and interpret the medical report. They must also know mathematics, algebra, geometry and their application in their job. They must know the administrative procedures such as stenography, designing forms, and transcription.

The medical laboratory technician needs the knowledge of circuit boards, processors, chips, electronic equipments, and computer hardware. The major skills that they need to be having are ability to give full attention to what the other people are saying, ability to use logic and reasoning to identify strength and loopholes of the solutions, ability to identify complex problems, ability to review related information to develop and evaluate the options and implement the solutions.

Medical Laboratory Technician Cover Letter

Richard Davies
P O Box 1345, San Diego,
Phone: 965-902-2932

Peter Powell
Senior Recruiter, Flounder Inc
504, Valley Blvd,
Phone: 904-032-1293

Dear Sir,

With response to your advertisement in "San Diego Daily", I would like to apply for the post of medical laboratory technician in your organization.

I have done my two years of associate degree followed by medical lab tech program. I received a combination of classroom and laboratory instructions. I come from a background of laboratory mathematics, immunology, microbiology, microscopy, pathology, and chemistry.

I have more than eight years of experience as a medical laboratory technician and I have given exceptional performance in the field of lab technology.

While working as a medical lab technician in Neo Alpha Medical Inc., I have handled major and important responsibilities such as monitoring tests and procedures, testing for drug levels in the blood to show how the patient is responding the treatment, matching blood for transfusions, analyzing chemical contents of fluid, using sophisticated lab equipment to look for micro organism, preparing tissue samples and urine sample for analysis

I started my career as a medical lab technician in the year 2003 in a private laboratory. I played a crucial role in analyzing body fluids, including spinal fluid, urine, blood, and abnormal components. I gave my comprehensive contribution in medical laboratory technical operations. My major roles were conducting tests, inspecting products and services, talking to other staff members to convey the information, and considering the relative cost and benefits of potential actions to choose the right one.

I am confident that with the help my exceptional skill sets and huge experience I will do justice to the concerned job. I assure honesty and dedication in the job. I am confident and positive that I will surely exceed your expectations.

I have, herewith, attached my updated resume and important academic certificates for your reference. I am looking forward to work with you.

Yours sincerely,


Richard Davies


To conclude, the sample laboratory technician cover letter touches the important points of the candidate's professional journey. It highlights his awards and recognitions and displays his personal attributes to impress the employer.

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