Medical Office Assistant Cover Letter

Before we discuss about the medical office assistant cover letter, let us first understand what resume is and what cover letter is. A good resume can pave the path for interview. Writing good resume does not mean that you have to follow each and every rule of resume writing. Each resume is a marketing tool on its own. The resume you are writing should be appropriate to your situation.

A resume is a summary of your significant experience, skills and abilities. It displays your accomplishments to show the potential employer that you are eligible for the work. Tailor your resumes as per the field and the job position you are applying for. A resume can reflect more than just your paid work experience. While writing resume, you may make a list of various activities that you have done over the years. It may include the voluntary activities, leadership activities and civic activities. While describing the accomplishments, make sure that you describe your duties also.

In case of cover letters, they are complimentary to the resumes. They do not necessarily copy the content of resumes but most of the things are similar. Only major difference would be resumes are more descriptive and long; while the cover letters are significant they only focus on the pertinent skills and knowledge of the candidate. You can always tailor your resumes as per the requirements of the employers. Make sure that you express your enthusiasm for that particular job. It is necessary to emphasize on your achievements and accomplishments. It is also required to refer to the educational and other qualifications of candidate, which can be coincided with the requirements. Write how you would prefer to be contacted and also review the sample cover letters for convenience.

There are majorly three types of cover letters: the application cover letter, prospecting cover letter, and networking cover letter.The networking cover letter asks for the information and help in job search. Prospecting cover letter enquires about possible job positions in the company. The application cover letter is written to respond to the job opportunity, which is published in the newspaper. The cover letter contains the source of the information as how you got to know about the opportunity and how your candidature is suitable for the position.

Sample Medical Office Assistant Cover Letter

Robert Phillips
P O Box 0453,
Phone: 898-908-2032

Arnold Peters
Human Resource Manager, Calgene Corp
904, College Rd,
Montvale, NJ-90834
Phone: 789-129-0832

Date: January 23, 2012

With response to your advertisement in "Montvale Daily News", dated for January 12, 2012, I am applying for the position of a medical office assistant position in your organization.

I have handled many administrative duties such as keeping medical records, scheduling laboratory and hospital services, answering the telephone calls, completing insurance forms, taking vital signs, examining, diagnosing and treating under the direct supervision of the physician. I was also responsible for helping the patients to feel comfortable.

I am a licensed medical assistant and I am associated with American Medical Technologists, and American Association of Medical Assistants. After an associate degree, I have completed medical office assistant training program approved by Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs. Being a great help for the physicians, my work was appreciated and awarded many times. I have been an asset for my employers and I am confident that my role will give an opportunity to prove my talent and skills.

I have herewith, enclosed my updated resume and educational certificates. Kindly feel free to contact me through an e-mail or over the phone. I am looking forward to be employed by you.

Thanks and Regards,

Robert Phillips


The sample medical office assistant cover letter showcases the candidate's professional and personal background and it focuses on the achievements of the candidates which are coherent to the job profile.

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