Medical Technician Cover Letter

A medical technician is an individual who assists doctors and medical personnel with various tasks. A medical technician's cover letter should state the reason why you are looking to work with the particular medical institution and should also portray your professional qualifications in a positive manner.

Based on the exact nature of their job, a medical technician could help dentists, physicians, veterinarians or other medical personnel. Some of the basic tasks undertaken by medical technicians are operating medical instruments, taking blood and urine samples of patients and then conducting tests for various diseases on these samples and assisting physicians with basic procedures. One needs to have a minimum certificate degree in medical technology in order to work as a medical technician. Most employers prefer candidates with prior experience as a medical technician.

While applying for a job as medical technician, you have to write a cover letter to the hiring manager of that particular medical institution, stating your desire to work for them on the basis of your qualifications and experience. This medical technician's cover letter is an essential tool which can help you to secure an interview call for the job and thus should be written in a professionally appealing manner

Tips on writing a Medical Technician cover letter:

Sample of Medical Technician Cover Letter

Edwin A. Whitfield
229 Maryland Avenue
Tampa, FL 33602
Phone: 727-569-8931
Email ID:

January 05, 2012

Lawrence S. White
Hiring Manager
Cotts Care Hospital
1252 Richards Avenue
Miami, FL 33170

Dear Mr. White,

I am writing this letter as I would like to apply for the job position of a medical technician at your renowned hospital based on the printed advertisement regarding the job opening in the Miami Daily newspaper, dated 01/04/2012. I have over seven years of experience as a medical technician with various health centers and hospitals in the state of Florida and it would be a privilege for me to work with Cotts Care hospital.

I possess excellent skills as a laboratory technician and have performed these duties at Angus Health Center over a period of three years. During that stint, I also prepared medical reports for patients based on the test results. I also have experience with handling various medical equipments such as X-ray machines, CAT scan equipment and performing MRI scans on patients. I have enclosed my resume as well as a letter of recommendation from my reporting officer, Mr. Hayes for your further reference.

I would love the opportunity to meet you in person so that we can discuss my qualifications and eligibility for this position in detail. Please feel free to contact me on the contact details which are provided above. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Edwin A. Whitfield


A cover letter for a medical technician is usually the first form of communication between the aspiring candidate and the hiring manager and should possess the ability to make a lasting first impression. It should present a summary of your professional details along with your desire to work at the organization.

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