Medical Writer Cover Letter

A medical writer's cover letter is usually the first form of communication between the candidate and the hiring organization. For this reason, it is essential that one drafts a good and professionally appealing cover letter in order to make a positive first impression on the hiring manager.

Medical writers are skilled and trained writers who prepare official regulatory documents from the various data that is generated from clinical trials and other medical experiments. They also prepare presentations and medical research papers from this data. The official representation of all medical writers in the USA is done by the American Medical Writing Association (AMWA) and they offer an extensive training program for aspiring medical writers.

Writing a cover letter for a medical writer is an essential task which needs to be done with great care and deliberation as it presents a firsthand image of you as a writer to the recruiting manager. Thus, the letter should be free from any grammatical and typographical errors and it should also convey the message that you are interested in working with the organization based on your past experience and qualifications in the field.

Tips on writing a Medical Writer cover letter

Check the below sample letter in order to gain better understanding on how to draft your own medical writer's cover letter:

Sample of Medical Writer Cover Letter

Cory A. Flinn
989 Romines Mill Road
Arlington, TX 76023

03 January, 2012

Charlie H. Torres
Recruiting Manager
Vertex Pharmaceuticals
4344 Lowndes Hill Park Road
Austin, TX 78701

Dear Mr. Torres,

I am writing this letter in response to your advertisement in the Texas Daily newspaper, dated 01/02/2012 regarding the job opening for the post of a medical writer at your esteemed organization. Based on my experience and acquired skills as a proficient writer in the medical field, I would like to apply for this job and would love the opportunity to appear for a personal interview.

I have worked as a freelance as well as a full time medical writer with several firms in the past and have acquired a great amount of knowledge on the various topics that I have written on. Besides writing these articles, editing and presenting them in professional grade documents were some of the other job functions that I have carried out in my role as a medical writer.

Having completed my certificate training from the American Medical Writers Association (AMWA), I am well versed with the various medical subjects that are covered in this field. I have written on various topics on medical research and documentation related to it. I have attached a copy of my resume along with this letter for your reference if you need to know more about my previous job functions.

I believe I am well suited to work in your esteemed organization and will strive to give my best if selected for the job. Please feel free to contact me on my details provided above. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely yours,
Cory A. Flinn


A medical writer's cover letter should thus contain accurate information about your qualities and experience as a writer in the medical field and should make a good lasting impression on the hiring manager.

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