Nutritionist Cover Letter

To write a good nutritionist cover letter, one needs to look at a good sample cover letter. The cover letter contains your name, address, contact number, email address and other personal details you think are important and need to be known by the recruiter. Past work incidents, experiences in the relative field, qualifications etc. are all included in the cover letter. It is not an exact replica of your resume and is meant to impress upon your achievements and qualifications. It showcases your virtues and highlights your ability to work and different strengths in the field. It also summarizes your work and your excellence as well as proficiency in what you do.

One needs to know a few things before writing a nutritionist cover letter. Always include your name and personal details. Do not forget to mention the name of the company you are applying for the job to, the designation of the person you are addressing your letter to and the address of the company. You may also include the date for record purposes. Remember to highlight your abilities and specialties in the nutrition field and your past work experience. You may also mention good qualities acquired by you in the past. Do not use complicated words. Keep the letter short and simple. It should not be a replica of your resume. Always give a subject to your resume and mention a reference as to where you were informed about the job opening.

Sample Nutritionist Cover Letter

Lanie McDonald
98 Westford Lane
Palm Tree Residency
Golf Course Road
California 742909

Contact number:
0013307659365/ 0013307628272


June 27th 2011

The Hiring Manager
Abs Gymnasium
764 BCC Towers
Harlow Road
California 742864

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Subject: Application for the post of a nutritionist.
Reference: Advertisement on

I, Lanie McDonald am twenty seven years of age and would like to apply for the job of a nutritionist in an esteemed gymnasium such as yours. I came across an advertisement indicating the vacancy for the post of a nutritionist on the website I am an excellent nutritionist as proved by the feedback from my clients which I will be gratified to provide on request. I have scanned through the pre requisites of the job profile that you beseech in your advertisement and I think I am a perfect match. I can mold into the nutritionist you require me to be and execute my duties in an effective way, using my past experiences and specialties.

I have passed out of St. Ursula's College with a degree in food and nutrition last year. During my college course, I worked as an intern with Carter Food Products Company as an assistant nutritionist for two years. After college, I underwent a workshop in Mary Anne's Medical home where we were taught the different components of good nutrition and how to execute good nutrition through food. The service I provide is of a very different kind and is effective and has ever lasting effects. I will of course seek your approval prior to giving treatment a fresh outlook.

I would like to discuss with you more on these lines and will be availed if you could grant me a private audience. I will be honored to come down to your office and provide necessary documents. I am a hard working and dedicated worker. I deliver what I promise and I have always been successful at what I do. I have myriad experiences in handling problems and can function smoothly and efficiently. My recruitment will be an asset.

Thanking You
Yours sincerely
Lanie McDonald

The above sample nutritionist cover letter is a great example of how one should write a cover letter. You could include other points you might think of, as you know yourself the best. Make sure you include every detail of your work experience and qualifications. Be confident and write an impressive cover letter as it may be the only thing that counts among the thousands of applicants that are applying for the same job.

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