Cover Letter for Optometrist

When you are experiencing blurriness, dryness, burning sensation, swelling or redness around the eyes, you have an option either to see an Ophthalmologist or Optometrist. Though both the names sound similar, there is a difference in the responsibilities each performs. The former name is referred to a person who can treat any types of eye diseases and perform a surgery. He or she is a medical doctor. The latter one is not a medical doctor, but he or she examines, identify nearsightedness and farsightedness defects and prescribe glasses, contact lenses and corrective lenses. Some state may even allow them to check for glaucoma, and other eye diseases caused due to diabetes, and high blood pressure. However, they have to refer patients to the Ophthalmologist since their qualifications are limited.

If you have completed the state-required education, done one-year of internship, and have three-years of clinic experience, you can try for this job. While applying for a job to a hospital, or eye-care center, you will need a cover letter as a support to your resume. The letter is to tell about you in brief to the employer, the type of work you did and can do, and your general background.

Sample Cover Letter

Brian J. Horn
1148 Bastin Drive
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone: 484-768-7589

October 01, 2013

Bernard H. Middleton
HR Manager
Clear Vision Group
4663 Bungalow Road
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Subject: Application for the position of Optometrist

Dear Middleton,

I have always had my eyes on the job openings at Clear Vision Group. Now, as a vacancy for the position of Optometrist in your Group has opened, as indicated on your website, I am applying for the same with great pleasure. I have been correcting people's vision for seven years, and have worked with every contemporary tool in the Optometry field.

I have a degree in optometry from PA University and did my one-year internship at Perfect Optometric Group. After that, I worked with A-1 Optometric for three years and did all the routine work involved in my job. Now I am with City Group Vision and testing patient's vision, prescribing glasses and corrective lenses. I have even checked patients for glaucoma and other eye diseases and have removed foreign objects from their eyes. If the patients are having serious eye problems and require surgery, I refer them to the ophthalmologist.

Besides seeing and correcting patients' vision, I am also responsible for administrative duties such as filling hard and soft copies of medical records, processing insurance claims, taking inventory and placing orders for basic supplies. I can be a multi-tasking person for your organization. More detailed records of my work history have been included in the enclosed resume.

I am willing to work for Clear Vision Group on any terms and conditions you decide. If you any additional expectations from me, please call me and discuss it. Thank you for your time.


Brian J. Horn

Enclosure: Resume

This sample letter is expressing applicant's interest in the company, his ability to perform the job responsibilities, and acceptance of any terms and conditions the employer may put for his employment.

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