Orthodontist Cover Letter

Cover letters are important to express your interest in the specific job profile and organization. They are the most important documents that help you interact with the employer and leave a positive impression on then. When you write a cover letter for the employer you should consider these factors and design an impressive cover letter to get better job opportunities and boost your career. There is not too much difference in cover letters be it an orthodontist cover letter or any other cover letter. It should be relevant to the context and appealing to the employer.

Your cover letter should not be too lengthy; ideally a cover letter should not be more than one page long. You should be able to convince the employer by highlighting the points that can be rewarding and your think are your unique qualities. You try to show the employer that you have all the qualities that he is looking for within his employee and can be a beneficial asset for his organization. You can also take help of the job description which is given below to know the qualities and qualifications required for an orthodontist.

Job Description of an Orthodontist:

Orthodontists are responsible for treating any type of dental displacements so he should have a bachelor's or master's degree in dentistry. He is responsible for fixing irregularities in teeth and correcting alignment of misplaced jaws. He should have experience and expertise in dental care and cosmetology. He should have the ability of using various equipments used in the alignment of teeth. An orthodontist should also have in-depth knowledge of the problems related to teeth.

Here is a cover letter sample for orthodontist that can help you write an impressive and appealing letter.

Sample Orthodontist Cover Letter

(Mention your details here)
Name: __________
Address: __________ (Address should contain name of city, state and country)
E-mail id: ___________
Telephone Number: _________ (If you have any alternate telephone numbers then you can include them as well)

Date: MM/DD/YY (Date on which you are writing or sending your letter)

(Mention recruiter's details here. Name, title and organization name are mandatory here)
Name: __________
Title: _________
Organization: __________
Address: __________

Subject: (Mention the purpose of writing this letter. Position for which you are applying should be mentioned here)
Reference: (Mention how you came to know about this job position)

Dear Mr. (Employers name),

I am a fresh graduate from DRP Dental College, currently pursuing internship in DRP Dental Hospital. I am writing this in reference to the advertisement displayed in the DRP Dental College regarding the position of orthodontist. I am interested in joining your hospital after completing my internship next month.

I have excellent career record with a distinction in master's degree in dental science. I will be completing my one year internship next month from DRP Dental College. I am well trained in dealing with all sorts of dental problems. I have good ability to look into the details of dental problems of the patients and suggest proper treatments options. I can also deal with pediatric dental problems.

My passion and knowledge towards work will surely be helpful for the dental department of your hospital. If you find me an eligible candidate then please do call me on the above mentioned contact details so that we can meet and discuss the details in person.

I have attached my resume for your reference. Thank you for devoting your time in reading my letter.

(Your name and signature)

Replace the blank spaces in the above orthodontist cover letter with your details. You can also add you own ideas and make you cover letter more appealing.

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