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Why do we have to draft a cover letter when we have included everything in our resume and spent so much time writing it? Well, cover letters serve a different purpose as compared to resume. They are used to convince the employer that you are the most eligible candidate for the position he is looking for. While writing an OT cover letter or operational therapist cover letter you should consider these factors and design your cover letter accordingly. Include those qualities of yours in the cover letter that can benefit the employer and forces him/her to read your resume.

You should address your cover letter to the person in the organization who has the power and authority to hire you. They are most of the times addressed to the managing director or to the recruitment manager. You should also include your details in the cover letter along with some of your outstanding skills and previous experiences that can be an advantage for you to get an interview call from the employer. If you don't know the contact details then call the employer and get the contact details and name of the person to whom who have to address your letter.

Operational therapists career profile:

An OT is an individual who works in rehabilitation and rebuilding the lost abilities of patients suffering from mental, physical and social disabilities. These therapists have to work with people of all age groups, children with congenital defects and adults with disabilities due to some fatal reasons. To work as an occupational therapist, one should hold a master's degree in occupational therapy. Occupational therapists should possess ability to assist patients in daily activities and help them modify their social behavior. They also help and assist people with lost physical and mental skills and teach them anxiety management.

This format of cover letter is drafted to help you plan a proper cover letter to be sent along with your resume to the employer.

Sample OT Cover Letter

Name: (Write your name here)
Address: (Write your address here)
Telephone number: (Write your telephone number here)
E-mail id: (Write your E-mail id here)

Date: (Date on which your are sending your resume)

Name: (Name of the employer)
Designation: (Designation of the employer)
Address: (Address of the organization)

Subject: Application for the post of operational therapist
Reference: In reference to the advertisement on BSR job portal

Dear sir/ma'am,

I would like to utilize this opportunity to show my strong desire towards the occupational therapists position in your hospital. I have a strong desire to excel in this position getting associated with a growth oriented organization. With the ability to work in a challenging environment, I crave to help people who are in need of their basic requirements.

I can utilize my 6 years experience in helping the patients, especially infants in rehabilitation and overcoming their physical and mental disabilities. I am also experienced in assisting psychotherapists in mentoring patients control their psychological behaviors. Good at working with multidisciplinary cases and handling critical cases individually. Well versed at devising appropriate treatment methods understanding the lifestyle of the patients and their psychological conditions.

I believe that I have the required experience, skills and enthusiasm and am interested to be a part of your organization. My resume, attached with this mail will outline more details of my skills. If you feel that I am an eligible candidate for this position then you can call me or mail me as per your convenience. I have also attached some other documents along with the resume for your reference.

Thank you for your consideration, looking forward to meet you to discuss the position of operational therapist.

Attachments: Resume
Copy of certificate of graduation
Copy of certificate of master's degree

You can refer the above OT cover letter and draft a letter that covers your exceptional qualities within it. You can also write the name of the employer while greeting the employer in the salutation part of the cover letter instead of simply addressing him as sir or ma'am.

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