Cover Letter for Patient Service Representative

Hospitals have many departments for treating specific illnesses. Finding where to ask for emergency care, registration, and payment of bill could be baffling at times. Thanks to the patient service representatives who helps patients and their families in accessing the needed service in time. They are present inside the hospitals twenty-four hours a day and work in rotational shifts. Due to their presence in the medical care centers, much of vital time is saved and immediate attention is offered to patients.

Job Description

The service representative, as clear from the title is to help patients in receiving the best medical care and solve problems associating with admitting, discharge, billing, and grievances. Their main purpose of employment is to take care of patients and their families. They help in fixing patients' appointments with doctors, filling up insurance form, review bills, and settle disputes, if any.

In addition, the service representative is also responsible in helping the staff in filing and maintaining medical records. They are primarily appointed to facilitate communication between staff and patients. The office bearer will help patients in various purposes from noting down their problems, and guiding them to the respective doctors. She/he will also coordinate with the insurance companies for addressing and solving any claim issues.

In addition to direct communication with people, they are also supposed to look after administration duties. Performing the role of an arbitrator between doctors, lab technician, accounts and other departments is also included in the position. She/he may also review the policies of the organization and suggest some changes keeping patients' interests on the forefront.

Sample Cover Letter

Donald White
74 Green Land Lane
89 Mac Street
Mesa, Arizona - 79399
Email address:

Date: September 1, 2013

Thomas Miller
Recruitment Lead
FS Healthcare Home
Mesa, Arizona - 83900

Re: Application for patient service representative.

Dear Miller,

One of my colleagues has informed me about a patient service representative position available in your organization. Taking his information seriously and interested to work for you, I am presenting my candidature for the same. The reason for applying for the job is my belief that I can handle the responsibilities of the position with great dexterity, enthusiasm, and in an expected manner.

I have been in the health care industry for the last five years. I hold a high school diploma and a certification in MS Office. I have a varied experience pertaining to the position that includes the following:

I have worked with several teams operating in health care field and is comfortable in working in night shifts. My timely intervention and discerning attitude have helped solve many disputes relating to services, billing and insurance. Solving patients' grievances and taking care of registration are my forte. I can even fixed appointments between doctors and patients without disturbing their routine.

I am proactive in managing bed occupancy, handling emergency, monitoring patients stay during the hospitalization, and reminding about follow ups. You can see in length about my credentials in the enclosed resume.

I am interested in meeting with you for discussing the employment opportunities. You can contact me at 783-489-7495 from morning 6 to evening 9 any weekday. Thank you for considering my application.


Donald White

Enclosure: Resume

Feel free to include a brief detail about any additional qualification you have achieved during your employment. You can also copy this letter and re-format it as you need.

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