Patient Transporter Cover Letter

If you are applying for the position of patent transporter then the cover letter example given below will help you. There is a skeleton or frame of the cover letter as well for your help. If you send a cover letter as a supporting note along with your resume, it will better your chances of getting an interview call.

Patient transporter needs to have passed a high school diploma or should pass G.E.D; no other certification or degree is required for these people. They are provided on-job training to handle patients, and transfer them to various units of the hospital, and allot rooms to the patients who are to be admitted to the hospital. They play a vital role in the health care department. They should also know to transport wheelchairs and stretchers understanding the severity of illness of the patients. They are also responsible to guide the guests coming to visit the patients. Having excellent communication skills is very helpful in this profession. They get better job opportunities especially with the big hospitals.

(Address for Correspondence)
(Contact Number)
(E-mail Address)

Date: (MM/DD/YY format)

(Designation) - Of the person to whom you are addressing your letter
(Company Name)
(Address of Company) If available, otherwise skip

Subject: (Helps in explaining the purpose of your letter)
Reference: (If any references are available then mention, or else skip this part)

(Salutation) Dear Mr./Mrs./Miss,

Paragraph 1:

This paragraph should be impressive enough to show your interest in the job position for which you are applying. Even if you have mentioned the purpose of you letter and reference name in the subject line and the reference, it is essential that you include this information once again in the first paragraph. Express your interest and how you can be beneficial for the company in this paragraph.

Paragraph 2:

Second paragraph of the main body of your cover letter can be used to highlight you credentials. Write about your previous work experiences and the responsibilities that you handled there which can be beneficial for the current organization you are applying for. Do not give detailed description; just give a brief of your skills and experiences as you have already included this information in your resume. This is just to interest the employer in your resume.

Paragraph 3:

In the last and the concluding paragraph of your cover letter, you should pay your gratitude to the employer for reading your cover letter. Express your interest to meet the employer.

Closing (Yours sincerely, Warm regards, faithfully, etc.)
(Your Name)

(Use bulleted points here for better readability)

Sample Patient Transporter Cover Letter

Michal Donald
929 Brown Max Rd.
80 Poor Dell Avenue
Colorado - 37930
Phone number: 739-365-3930
E-mail id:

August 19, 2011

Tommy Leo
Wellness Hospital
Colorado - 33890

Dear Tommy,

Having sufficient number of years of experience in moving patients within the hospital units, I am sending my application for the position for patient transporter in your hospital. I came to know about this position form the advertisement displayed in your hospital.

I have knowledge of the facilities to be supplied to the patients and have excellent management skills that will be helpful in guiding patients and their family members. I can also give some primary aid to the patients if necessary in case of emergency situations. I am ready to work in rotational shifts.

Looking forward for an opportunity to meet you to discuss the details of the position. You can review my certificates and resume which I have enclosed for your reference.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,
Michal Donald


Referring the above patient transporter cover letter, job description and skeleton of the cover letter you can build an appealing cover letter.

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