Psychiatrist Cover Letter

Any professionals or job seekers need to append their resume with a cover letter and a well-formatted cover letter will surely get you points from the employers. While drafting a cover letter you should follow some etiquette which is clearly outlined in the example psychiatrist cover letter example given here. Here are some tips for you to make your cover letter appealing.

Career Profile for Psychiatrist:

Psychiatrists provide treatment to the patients suffering from serious mental disorders like schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, phobias and manias. They also provide treatments for certain other mental health conditions like anxiety disorders, panic disorders, stress disorders, etc. Their treatment involves medications but they are kept to the minimal most of the treatment of the psychotherapy is focused on CBT (congenital behavior therapy) that includes counseling of the patients and encouraging them for self-help. Most of the treatments of the psychiatrists are prolonged and they have to tackle the cases until they are cured completely so their require patience and should be able to understand the cases properly. A psychiatrist should undergo four years of medical school degree and have a completed internship and residency of more than 5 years to work as an independent psychiatrist.

Here is a sample psychiatrist cover letter given for your help that you can use in drafting your cover letter. This is an ideal format that is accepted by all the professionals and will definitely get you a job suitable to your personality traits and accomplishments.

Sample Psychiatrist Cover Letter

Dr. Jack Taylor
536 Coast Redwood Street
House No. 90
Ohio - 54753
Online correspondence:
Contact number: (675)-244-8876

Date: September 9, 2011

Dr. Helen King
Head of Psychiatry Department
Rehab Psychoanalysis Center
Ohio - 43655

Subject: Application seeking position of Psychiatrist
Reference: Advertisement in Columbus Employment News

Dear Dr. Helen King,

I am excited to read about the available position of Psychiatrist in Rehab Psychoanalysis Center, which is one of the reputed hospital in providing quality treatment and good prognosis results for the patients suffering from psychological disorders. I am willing to learn new treatment techniques from the doctors in your hospital and also use the skills and knowledge that I have gained from my experience.

I have experience of 8.6 years as a psychiatrist and have successfully handled many of the psychological cases and also helped the patients in preventing relapse of the disorders. I have been successful in dealing with critical cases of schizophrenia and bipolar disorders and brining notable changes in the behavior of the patients. I handled pediatric cases as well as adult cases of psychological cases and am an expert in diagnosing and interacting with the patients and collating necessary information for the treatment.

My personal contact number is (675)-244-8876 and my personal mail id is You can reach me at any time. I would be comfortable meeting you on weekends. Thank you for reading my resume and valuing my credentials. Hope to meet your soon.

Yours sincerely,
Jack Taylor


The job description of the psychiatrist cover letter example is just for your reference you need not include it in your cover letter. Wish you all the best for your job search.

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