Radiation Therapist Cover Letter

A cover letter is very helpful in your recruitment process, even if it does not help you get a job, it helps you in getting an interview call from the employer. This first step is very important for the job seekers as there are millions of people applying for the same position every day. A cover letter helps the employers in easy selection of the applications. For this, you have to draft a proper cover letter that highlights essential parts of your resume. Reading the requirements of the employer, before writing your cover letter will help you in writing an impressive cover letter. If you throw some light on the requirements specified by the employer in your cover letter then, it will be beneficial for you in getting a job. I have also provided job profile of the radiation therapist here.

Hope the radiation therapist job description helps you in understanding the profile of a radiation therapist. The example cover letter for radiation therapist given below is written keeping in mind the job responsibilities of the radiation therapist.

Career Profile for Radiation Therapist

Generally treatment for cancer involves use of ultra violet radiations in treating the malignancy of tumors and curing the disease. The doctors who are equipped at using the radiation therapy for the treatment of cancer and any other diseases or pathological conditions are called as radiation therapists. They use linear accelerators for the treatment of cancer and are trained at using this device. High intensity X-ray radiations are bombarded on the cancerous cells using these linear accelerators. Radiation therapists have to undergo a one or two year certification course in radiation therapy and have a degree in the related field. They have opportunities to work with the oncologists, dermatologists or radiologists.

Sample Radiation Therapist Cover Letter

Ann Wisconsin
997 Cedar Street
87 Green Yard Cottage
Colorado - 75947
Telephone number: 897-897-8096
E-mail correspondence: ann.wis@anyhow.com

Date: August 26, 2011

Julie Fedora
Human Resource Manager
Martin Oncology Hospital
Colorado - 83976

Subject: Application seeking position of radiation therapist
Reference: Emp. Code: rad7396

Dear Julie Fedora,

I am sending my application for the position of radiation therapist in your hospital in reference to my friend working as a radiation therapist (Emp. Code: rad7396) in you hospital. I am eager about this opportunity and am sending my resume for the said position.

I am currently employed at Simons Skin Care Center and working as a radiation therapist in providing treatment for skin diseases. I have completed certification course in radiation therapy and am a licensed radiation therapist. I have sound knowledge of the post operative treatments to be given to the patients and can assist them in the same with hands-on experience in handling equipments used in radiation therapy.

You can use my contact details which are given above to reach me at any time. I would be free on weekdays as well as weekends to talk about the position. Meeting you to discuss about the said position personally would be possible on weekends. Waiting eagerly to personally have a discussion about this position.

Thank you for reviewing my cover letter. Hope you value my credentials and read my resume for further review.

Ann Wisconsin

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Hope the radiation therapist cover letter sample given here helps you in drafting an appealing and perfect cover letter. Keep your cover letter short. Once you finish writing your cover letter, proof read it and correct the errors and then send.

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