Scheduler Cover Letter

Schedulers are professionals who have to handle basic administrative tasks. A scheduler will have to interact with people coming from different backgrounds and complete various tasks with good efficiency, positive attitude, and organization skills. A scheduler will have to make sure that the patient knows what he or she has to expect during the surgery they are undergoing. A medical scheduler will be the first point of contact for the visitors and patients. These professionals have to give good customer care to everyone who comes into the office, because medical procedures can be very stressful sometimes.

Schedulers have to make the medical procedure as easier as they can and comfortable for the patient as well. These professionals will have to greet visitors and patients, verify the insurance and personal information, and collect fees. They will also have to schedule appointments and do the required follow-ups. Schedulers will also have to take care of answering the questions of the patients, such as how long would their surgery last, and what the patient should not eat prior to the surgery. One of the most important things for this job is a desire to help.

Schedulers also have the responsibility of helping their colleagues with scheduling their meetings, maintaining the schedules of the physician, and assembling the charts of the patients with the latest available information. At times, these professionals might have to attend meetings themselves and everything is organized. When you apply for this position, remember to send a personalized cover letter with every job application. A cover letter serves as your electronic introduction; therefore, you have to make sure that you are writing in the best possible manner. This article will give you a sample schedule cover letter that will be helpful for you.

Scheduler Cover Letter

Horace Rich
1370 Par Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90013
Mobile: 805-807-4664
E-mail id:

Date: 4 January, 2011

Shawn Robinson
Mayfield Hospital
2265 Maple Court
Safe, MO 65559

Dear Mr. Robinson,

Today, I am sending across this letter with a hope of getting the position open for a scheduler with your organization. My earlier training and experience can definitely prove to be an asset to Mayfield Hospital and the staff as well. I am dependable, hardworking, and would welcome any chance where I will be able to put my talents for working with your organization.

Here is an outline of experience and training I have to offer to your organization, I have:

In addition, my abilities also include coordinating for appointments with various departments and the ability to write correspondence while I am handling other duties, which I am sure, would prove to be beneficial to your organization.

The last two years, I have spent working in the field and would like to have the opportunity where I would be able to speak about my experience and how they would be beneficial to you. Please get in touch with me at 805-807-4664, so that we can set up a meeting for discussing details further.


Horace Rich

Your Signature

Schedulers have basic but important tasks. Therefore, to minimize the market competition, your cover letter has to be very impressive. Try drafting your cover letter in the similar manner. Good luck!

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