Urologist Cover Letter

A urologist cover letter defines the accomplishments and qualifications of the applicant. It is totally different from the resume, although there are a few similarities. A cover letter can initiate the process of communication with the employer and can enhance the chances of your resume being read and you being called for an interview.

The job of a urologist is to diagnose and treat infections of the organs that facilitate the formation and secretion of urine. A set of organs including bladder, urethra, kidney, etc., together form the urinary system or tract, as it is commonly known.

How to Write a Urologist Cover Letter

In life, if you follow the rules, you are definitely going to rise and fly beyond the limits. The same principle applies to cover letter writing. Abide the rules and adopt the standard format to make your cover letter an appealing one.

A cover letter is more like an assortment of the best features of your career. It should include a gist of your current and past experiences in this profession. Additionally, it should be able to describe your strengths that together combine and contribute to your productivity as a urologist.

Rather than discussing everything out here, we would suggest that you go through the samples of urologist cover letter provided below. It will help you to learn all aspects of writing a perfect cover letter.

Urologist Cover Letter Sample 1


William N. Harrisburg
5126, Stuart Avenue
Austin, Texas 52630
United States

Date: March 20, 2012


Shellie D. Campbell
Recruitment Executive
Turner Healthcare Foundation
516, Smithson Square
Austin, Texas 52639
United States

Dear Ms. Campbell,

I am writing this letter to apply for the position of Urologist at Turner Healthcare Foundation. I read about this job in the morning edition of Uptown Gazette. Please go through my application and the documents enclosed with it to learn about my competency.

I have completed my education with a doctoral degree in medical practices with major in urology. I worked as a resident surgeon at Kensington Healthcare Clinic in Houston. I came back to Austin after four years and got an opportunity to work at Nelson Clinic. I have a record of performing all the surgeries with hundred percent accuracy and assured treatment of infections or diseases.

I find it easy to develop a rapport with the patients and support them emotionally if they are suffering from a chronic disease. I can easily handle unexpected or emergency situations and work at any hour of the day to deliver timely service to the patients.

Please find my resume, photocopies of credentials, and recommendation letter enclosed with the application. Thank you for considering my application. Awaiting a positive response.

Sincerely yours,

William N. Harrisburg



Photocopies of Credentials
Recommendation Letter

Urologist Cover Letter Sample 2


Tom D. Collins
4901, Crossroad Avenue
Austin, Texas 52634
United States

Date: March 24, 2012


Selena D. Rodriguez
Recruitment Manager
Leonard Urology Clinic
521, Hill Haven Drive
Austin, Texas 52689
United States

Dear Ms. Rodriguez,

I came to know about the requirement of a urologist while browsing through the website of Leonard Healthcare Foundation. Please go through my application and the documents enclosed along with to know more about my qualifications.

I completed my education from Hammons Institute of Healthcare Practices. I was a resident in this institute and was later recruited at Morris Urology Center after completing four years as a resident surgeon. I have completed five years of service after completing my term as a resident surgeon and have performed all kinds of surgeries to treat urinary tract infections and diseases.

I am habitual of working for long and irregular hours and prioritizing patient care above everything else.

Kindly contact me at your convenience for further communication. Thank you for considering my application. Waiting for a positive response.

Sincerely yours, Tom D. Collins



Photocopies of Credentials
Recommendation Letter

Writing a urologist cover letter is easy as long as you follow the format and language used in the templates provided above. All the best for your career!

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