Activity Therapist Cover Letter

Activity therapists are people who are nowadays recruited for various purposes, be it in hospitals, physiotherapy centers, spiritual organizations that heal people through holistic healing, etc. So the activity therapist cover letter has to be tailored according to the different places of work you apply in. Cover letters help in getting you noticed by the employer. It gives you the freedom and chance to mention the qualities in you and your achievements in detail that cannot be given in a resume. The example of activity therapist cover letter given below will explain it better.

There are some basic things which we would like to tell before we see the activity therapist cover letter format. Based on sound judgment you can know what are the inherent qualities required in a person if one has to work for this position. The job description and responsibilities enumerated in the advertisements do not mention qualities like sympathetic, integrated, dedicated, efficient, sincere, etc., but nevertheless these are essential qualities needed for the job. So make use of your common sense as well as a little tact when writing the cover letter.

Activity Therapist Cover Letter Format

The first section of the activity therapist cover letter has the details of the sender like name, postal as well as e-mail address and contact numbers. The placement of the same depends on you. You may either place it on the left side, like the conventional way or might put it at the center of the top section of the page, like a letter head.

The cover letter needs to be personalized with every job application with the name of the addressee, designation of the person, and organization's name. It is followed by the subject line wherein you mention the position you are referring to.

The body of the letter starts with an introduction mentioning the source of the information of the position you are interested in. Then you can talk about the points that make you eligible for the post in your opinion. You will have to try and convince the employer with the help of your resume of the plus points of hiring you.

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Sample Activity Therapist Cover Letter

Torque Earnest
Flat No. 506, Pele Soccer Society
Gabriel Road 5, Sector L
E-mail Address -
Contact Number - (423) 785 4581


Reese Rivaldo
Human Resource Officer
Montreal Physiotherapy Center
Mother Teresa Road, Waterfalls Business Center

Mr. Rivaldo,

Re: Application for Activity Therapist

I write this letter as a response to the vacant position of Activity Therapist in Montreal Physiotherapy Center posted online on the official website, and also on recommendation from one of your employees, Mr. Burzin Frank. I saw the notice on 03/07/2011. I have three years of experience in providing different therapy as well as organizing activities suited for different patients. Ranging from designing various modules for accident patients and knee replacement patients too, to having worked with event management firms in New York City, I am sure I am the candidate you are looking for.

Kindly have a look at my resume and supporting documents. Enclosed please find the recommendation letter from Mr. Burzin Frank too. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,
Torque Earnest


You can follow this activity therapist cover letter format and the sample will help you to draft your cover letter in the most effective way. It is preferred if you manage to get a letterhead from your previous employer to draft your cover letter. So you increase your chances of being selected for the first round of interview. Wishing you all the luck!

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