Addiction Therapist Cover Letter

Addiction requires counseling as well as sympathy. An addiction therapist needs to be patient and non judgmental. Many a times when an addict or patient tries to quit and take help; he or she is afraid of the stigma attached to going in a rehabilitation center which the addiction therapist has to deal with. When writing an addiction therapist cover letter you can gain advantage by mentioning your personal counseling qualities that will make the employer hire you.

The cover letter is a personal letter which says why you are interested in taking up a particular job and convincing the employer by mentioning all your qualities for hiring you. For writing any cover letter, you should only know the basics of letter writing and follow some tips to make it impressionable. For example, you need to know your reader's name. Every addiction therapist cover letter will be different because the letter has to be customized according to the different job descriptions.

The idea behind writing a cover letter is to attract the reader's attention to your resume and convince him or her of your capabilities. The letter provides you an extra chance to portray yourself along with your resume. The following points will help you to give your best in the letter.

Tips for Cover Letter Writing

Knowing your reader is advised; spend some time in researching about the organization and find out the designation about the addressee. This will help you in writing a personalized letter. Express your desire of applying for the said position and how you came to know of the vacancy. Think of your skills that are relevant to the job profile and which will interest the employer.

Start typing the letter in the soft copy with left alignment, because the letter is written in the American letter writing format. The letter will consist of an introduction paragraph and a closing paragraph.

You can mention if you have any reference or recommendation letters given by someone in the enclosures of the letter. You may use bulleted points in the letter if you wish ensuring that the points are not same as mentioned in the attached resume.

Addiction Therapist Cover Letter Format

The first section is for the details of the sender that specifies the name, postal as well as e-mail address and contact numbers. You may either place it on the left hand side of the page, like the conventional way or might put it at the center of the top section of the page, like a letter head. Write the date followed by the name, designation of the addressee, organization's name and a subject line.

The body of the letter has to be simple and to the point. It should state how you got the information about the vacancy and why you think the employer should hire you.

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Sample Addiction Therapist Cover Letter

Rachel Mary
Flat No. 502, Hemmingway Heights
Father Joseph, Sector 3
E-mail Address -
Contact Number - (509) 712 6712


Torque Earnest
Recruiting Officer
Washington De-addiction Center
Highway No.9, Marlboro Avenue

Mr. Earnest,

Re: Application for Addiction Therapist

I write this letter as a response to the vacant position of Addiction Therapist in Washington De-addiction Center. My source of knowledge about this post is the organization's official website, I am very keen on getting this job as I have two years of experience in the field and tremendous interest in working in a rehabilitation center. I have volunteered since the time I was in college and being a very compassionate person I think this should be the beginning of my career.

Please have a look at the recommendation letter provided by my earlier employer. Working in your reputed firm would be much appreciated. Hoping to get a call from you soon. Thanking you for your time.

Yours sincerely,
Rachel Mary

Enclosures: Attached please find the following documents:

Hope this addiction therapist cover letter example gives you an outlook of how a cover letter should look like. You may draft your letter in the same manner. We wish you all the luck!

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