ER Nurse Cover Letter

Writing a good nursing cover letter is the most important key in getting you one step closer to getting a job. Most of the people just write a general cover letter and slap it along with their nursing resume. However, in reality you nursing cover letter are the only thing that will sell you to your prospective employer.

The purpose of the covering letter is to serve two main points. One is to get your potential employer in reading your resume further. Second being, getting them interested so that they fix up an interview with you to find out more details about you. An excellent cover letter is similar to a sales pitch, which is targeted to a specific market. You are like the product who wants to sell him/her.

Therefore, for marketing yourself, you will need a cover letter that:

Below is an example ER nurse cover letter, which will guide you further.

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Sample ER Nurse Cover Letter

Your Contact Information
George Kenneth
384 Brooklyn Street
Miami, FL9485
Mobile: 278-385-5763

Employer Contact Information
Ms. Marie Janet
New York Hospital
948 Manhattan
New York, NY9572

Date: June 18, 2011

Dear Ms. Janet,

This is in response to your advertisement looking for ER Nurse. I am applying for this position knowing that I will be the right person, and have attached my resume along with this letter for further consideration.

I have more than four years of experience as ER nurse, and have detailed knowledge about my responsibilities in this role. I am well known to all the equipments that are used in the emergency room, terminology, techniques and procedures. Your organization has been well known in New York for years and I want to bring my experience, talent of an ER, and excellent communication skills and multitasking abilities for saving lives and helping the organization grow.

I thank you for reviewing and my letter and considering my resume. I would like to meet you in person and at your convenience for discussing this position in detail. You can easily reach me on 278-385-5763 or you can e-mail me at I look forward to hearing from you.

George Kenneth
Your Signature

Enclosure: Resume and Cover Letter

This is how you can write your own cover letter or you can write as the way you want. However, always remember to emphasize your key selling points, so that you are given first preference for the job. Proofread your cover letter twice to make sure that you have avoided all the grammatical mistakes and typos. Write your cover letter as per the expectations and demands of the employer. Also, never keep the cover letter generic; change it for every job application.

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