Graduate Nurse Cover Letter

A graduate nurse is someone who is new in the industry and has just completed his/her graduation. These individuals enter the nursing industry right after finishing their testing and schooling. The job profile of these professionals is similar to that of registered nurses. Graduate nurses will comparatively perform lesser duties, since they don't have enough experience. A graduate nurse is usually a general duty nurse who is responsible for monitoring the patients in every aspect.

If the graduate nurse has specialized in any particular field, then they are not registered nurses, since they have not received the training to take over health care of a patient. Graduate nurses will also have to administer medications, but they have to do this under the supervision of the doctor. Monitoring the symptoms and chart directions for the further review of the doctor is also a part of their job. However, not all the graduate nurses will be working as general duty nurse, specializing in a specific field is possible and creating different job titles.

A graduate nurse will start his/her career in the medical clinic, hospital or a rehabilitation center. The main responsibility of a graduate nurse will mainly comprise of promoting good health and prevention of illness. Sometimes they will also have to sanitize and clean workstations, patient's room; they always have to wear face masks for visiting some of the patients. Giving healthy habits suggestions to the patients is also a part of their job.

Graduate nurses spend a considerable amount of time for supporting the patient emotionally and giving them professional advice. They have a close relation with every patient, so having a good mental stability for their nurses is a must. If you have the required nursing degree and think that you can be the best nurse, and then start applying for jobs. Here is an example graduate nurse cover letter that will be helpful to you.

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Sample Graduate Nurse Cover Letter

Your Contact Information
Beth Matthews
152 Havanna Street
Greensboro, NC27401
Mobile: 336-335-3154
E-mail id:

Employer Contact Information
Mr. Fred Carriere
St. Mary's Hospital
55 Groove Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK73109

Date: September 18, 2011

Dear Mr. Carriere,

Re: Graduate Nurse

First, I would like to thank you the telephonic advice that you gave me this week. As a new graduate nurse, I have done my education from University of Greensboro I would request you to accept my application for St. Mary's Hospital for the position of Graduate Nurse. I am highly enthusiastic candidate, and I have got all the skills required to join this program and will be contributing to patient care at your hospital.

During my time of clinical placements at Catholic Medical Center, Star Old Age Home and University Medical Center, I have learned various nursing skills in these jobs, while doing this I also developed the ability of thinking on my feet and problem-solving skills. Out of all this, I thoroughly enjoyed my continuous rotation in the emergency room and I plan to specialize in this area some day.

I have excellent communication skills, can work properly in a team and have got skills of attention to detail. I continuously strive to give best customer service for the patients and always make sure that I practice safe methods at work. The managing director at Catholic Medical Center was very impressed with my skills and after my placement there, he also offered me a professional reference.

I have always received excellent grades at university, along with a Star of the Year award for maximum marks in pharmacology. I have achieved good marks in all the subjects and have attached my academic record.

I am excited to know more about your organization and the kind of opportunities I will come across at St. Mary's Hospital. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Yours sincerely,
Beth Matthews
Your Signature

Enclosure: Resume and Academic Record Transcript

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