Cover Letter for Licensed Practical Nurse

To search for employment, you have to know about writing cover letter. This knowledge will help you in communicating your nursing skills and experience to the employers. The letter will help in presenting your abilities in dealing with medical care responsibilities and administrative task. Before applying, read these tips.

Tips to write LPN cover letter

You may write the cover letter after a job-opening has been published on website or in a print media, reference from someone, or for inquiring about possible opening. Likewise, the style of writing the introductory paragraph will also change. However, what will remain common is the format of the letter. Check for one on the internet and download a free one.

Pick up those skills mentioned in the job advertisement and think how to convey them. The best way would be to provide an example from your job. There are many skills a nurse has to possess. Don't go on explaining all. Just highlight those that the employer wants.

Add anything personal about you that are necessary in the job. For example, nurse must be compassionate about helping other. They have to learn new things as every year medical field witness breakthroughs. Further, they need to be medically and physically sound, and be ready to work for long hours. Mentioning these things, apart from the nursing skills, will attract the readers.

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Sample Cover Letter

Victoria O. Trevino
3679 Hood Avenue
San Diego, CA 92103
Phone: 858-769-5585

January 3, 2013

Howard B. Anderson
Administration Head
All-Care Hospital
3968 Diamond Street
San Diego, CA 92100

Subject: Application for the position of Licensed Practical Nurse

Dear Anderson,

Are you in need of a nursing professional who is holding a state license, have experience, and possess professional abilities to carry out the responsibilities of a licensed practical nurse? I can fulfill them as I have everything you would want in a person to handle the duties of this position. I am a graduate of the California Nursing Institute and have worked for six years in this category.

I am experienced in preparing patients for surgery and shifting them from their beds to the diagnosis units and operation theaters. I can take and measure vital signs and document the readings digitally and physically. I am adept in all types of nursing skills and can offer my service to patients of all age. I have arranged and prepared examination rooms as per the instruction of physicians and surgeons. I can take and execute orders from registered nurses and other medical staff.

I am expert in extracting blood specimens and collecting urine samples for laboratory testing, including following up. I can also sterilize medical equipments, clean patients' wounds, read prescriptions and administer medications, and check dietary inputs. Among all the nursing skills I hold, the best thing I feel every nurse must have is compassion, which I do. I also study a lot of medical journal to not lack behind with the current medical trends. My knowledge of medical laws, patients' rights, and being in good mental and physical condition could be a plus factor for your organization.

Above all, I never mind waiting for long hours, or come early to the workplace whenever the duty calls me. My details of qualifications and experiences are well explained in the attached resume. Please read it once. I am sure you will find it worth calling me for an interview. To check on your decision, I will call you on Tuesday morning. Thank you for your consideration.


Victoria O. Trevino

Enclosure: Resume

Work on the given tips and prepare your cover similar to this sample. Just do not copy it and try to be natural and personalize the letter.

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