Nurse Practitioner Cover Letter

Your nurse practitioner cover letter is a supporting note for your resume that helps you explain the employer why you are interested to be a part of his organization. Every time you send a resume or apply to a job, you should include a well drafted cover letter to show your credentials to the employer. A cover letter should not be same as your resume, but it should highlight only certain key elements of your resume and help the employer know your exceptional qualities that can benefit his organization.

There is certain professional etiquette that should be followed while writing a cover letter to make it pleasing for the employer. A cover letter should enclose your details within it and it should be addressed to some specific person in the organization. The body of your cover letter should include two to three paragraphs and your cover letter should end with a salutation. Mention about the enclosures you have attached in your mail.

Nurse Practitioner Job Description:

Nurse practitioners are the certified primary healthcare attendants who provide clinical assistance to the patients in the hospitals. Nurse practitioners can also work independently and they should at least hold a graduates degree in nursing. A master's degree in nursing will be an added advantage. Extensive knowledge of medications, expertise in diagnosing with a considerable number of years of experience in the healthcare field could be an added advantage for this job. A nurse practitioner has to play an active role in encouraging the patients to make healthy and safe choices.

Here is a sample nurse practitioner cover letter to help you write an appealing cover letter. Hope this helps you in enriching your resume and getting good job opportunities.

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Sample Nurse Practitioner Cover Letter

Corny Williams
8578 Casper Street
Frame Cottage
Juneau, Alaska - 76859
Telephone no.: (087)-647-7384

July 28th 2011

Peter Fernandez
Recruitment Lead
Survival Hospital
768 Western Lock Street
Juneau, Alaska

Dear Mr. Peter,

With reference to your ad in the Weekly Classifieds of this week, I came to know that your hospital is looking for the registered nurse practitioners with a considerable experience of 5 years in healthcare. I am extremely interested in serving at your esteemed organization and I have relevant experience and skills that satisfy your requirements.

I have practiced at Memorable Hospital for two years and am currently working as an independent healthcare practitioner, since 3 years. I have also been a part of the medical camps arranged by the public health care centers. I have extensive ability in providing assistance to the patients in case of acute and chronic illness with the ability of assisting in minor surgical processes. I can offer basic self-care and health behavior tips to the patients.

I am sure that your organization will surely benefit with my knowledge and experience. If you feel that I am the right candidate who can be a help for your organization then for detailed information about my experience, qualifications and skills you can refer the attached resume. Feel free to call me at (087)-647-7384 or mail me at

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,
Corny Williams


The above nurse practitioner cover letter will help you in grabbing excellent job opportunities. They will help the employer understand your exceptional skills and what makes you different from others. It also will pave way to help the employer understand that you are interested in being a part of his organization.

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