Accident Investigator Cover Letter

An accident investigator cover letter should have all the qualities which an employer would search for in a prospective employee. It has to be a short letter having just two to three paragraphs and it should convincingly convey why you feel you are the most suited person for the post in question. The format for the accident investigator cover letter is given below. Take a look…

Accident Investigator Cover Letter Format

The format for writing an accident investigator cover letter is similar to the old American letter writing format. The sender's name and address along with telephone numbers are to be written at the top of the page. An option available to you here is the placement of the address. While many prefer to write it on the left hand side, there are many who find writing the same at the top center of the page little different and attractive.

Please note that there is absolutely no need to make your cover letter colorful or attractive in terms of decoration and formatting. A standard and simple font like the Times New Roman or Arial can be used. Set it to a normal font size. Why mentioning all this? Because, it is advised to get the letter typed and avoid a handwritten letter.

You should end the letter with gratitude and tell the recruiter if you are going to call him sometime before the interview is done.

Accident Investigator Cover Letter Sample

Christians Mayhem
Julia Villa,
The Air Force Station III,


Roberto Carlos
HR Manager
Kentucky Accident Station,
Professional Illusion Street,


Your advertisement posted online on the website,, is making me write this letter to you. I am highly interested in the work profile you have posted of an Accident Investigator. I carry experience in the said field for five years and have been working in the state of Nevada. I have been exposed to many types of cases and have been awarded for perfect and speedy execution of the same from my employers. I am shifting to Kentucky by the end of next week and am looking for an employment opportunity there.

Thanking you for your consideration and please contact me on the phone number mentioned above if you have any queries. I would be calling you day after tomorrow around 1230hrs. Hoping to hear from you and meeting you soon.

Yours Sincerely,

Christians Mayhem

Enclosures: Resume and Certificates

So this was an example of an accident investigator cover letter and you can use the same as a guideline to write your own. It is a good idea to get the cover letter typed and not submit it in writing. Check for typing errors.

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