Arbitrator Cover Letter

Arbitration came into existence for bridging the time gap between filing complaints and giving justice. To handle such cases one needs special educational qualifications like medical or engineering, software expert, etc. For example if there is a crime committed by a doctor, the case needs to be handled by somebody who is equally familiar with the profession and things that are involved in the case.

Arbitrators are bridges between the law and the special fields of technology or fields that need special knowledge and qualification. The job responsibilities of an arbitrator is extremely important and since they are legal professionals who are appointed to look into urgent and technical matters their qualifications, academic achievements and field experience is of utmost importance. These things will be mentioned in the resume but there are some qualities that are essential to play the role of an arbitrator and you need to mention those in the arbitrator cover letter.

But before we go to the section of an example of the arbitrator cover letter let us give you some tips for customizing the letter to the maximum and make it work for you. So here they are:

Tips for Writing Cover Letters

If you find the following example of the arbitrator cover letter appropriate for your profile you may personalize or else draft one in a soft copy following this same format as given below.

Sample Arbitrator Cover Letter

Taxes Adam
Rue De La Mary, Bungalow 34
Park Avenue 7
New Brunswick
E-mail Address -
Contact No. - (506) 232 2323


Torque Earnest
Recruiting Officer
Administrative Department
Earnest Legal Process Outsourcing
New Brunswick

Dear Miss. Earnest,

Subject: Job application for Arbitrator

Please consider this letter of mine as a formal application for the job of an Arbitrator in Earnest Legal Process Outsourcing. I have attached the resume and a letter of recommendation along with the other specified documents with this letter. I came to know about this vacancy from my Arbitration professor, Mr. Sam Martin of the University of Brunswick. He is my guide and I have worked as an intern under him as well as with the famous lawyer Mr. Tom Jerry.

Being an engineer I have handled cases related to the civil and electrical engineering fields. I understand the importance of deadlines and keeping up to date with the laws. Case study is one of my favorite hobbies. I can assure you of being genuinely interested in this field and intention of making a successful career out of it. That is why I wish to meet you on the 09/09/2011. Kindly give me an appointment.

Thanking you very much.

Sincere Regards,
Taxes Adam

Enclosures: The following documents have been attached to the letter:

  1. Resume
  2. Recommendation Letter
  3. Project Details
  4. Experience Letter
  5. Certificates

Every career guidance professional asks to refer to various examples of arbitrator cover letters for seeing the difference in the job profiles and to find different ways of communicating some specials qualities. Following the previous format for making any draft stands true for legal writings, but with arbitrators coming into the picture to quicken the proceedings and delivering justice fast the scenarios for applying for jobs have definitely changed. So we need to go through different samples of the arbitrator cover letter, select one that suits your taste the best and customize it. With this note we convey you the best of wishes!

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