Cover Letter for Background Investigator

Background check on a prospective employee is necessary for companies. If they do not conduct this important task, they may hire a wrong person. In return, the employee may steal valuable information of the company and sell it to the third party. He or she may even steal other employees and customers. It is also possible that the wrong employee has a past record of being violent. The worst thing, if any serious crime is committed by the person, the company could face a legal notice for not conducting a background check and negligence in hiring.

However, conducting a background check on the prospective employee is a time-consuming matter. Hence, companies either hand over this task to a third party, or hire a person for this who has a qualification in law, political science and justice. If you have any of these qualifications and experience, prepare a best cover letter to apply.

What is Expected from a Background Investigator

Background investigation is an interesting and challenging field. It also requires the candidates to be patient since most of the time he or she has to start from the scratch or no inputs to find information of a person. The job is also frustrating since it requires to meet with people and make them to talk on the person being investigated. When the information is provided, then the task becomes simple, and it usually requires verifying them. However, the investigator must know where to look for paperwork and public records.

The investigator also has to search for the credit record of the prospective employee. He or she may have to contact credit reporting agencies. Before that, it is necessary to intimate and seek permission from the subject of the investigation. Pulling credit reports requires filling up some form or getting into a consent that is legally bound.

What to Include in a Cover Letter

After reading the job description and expectations from him or her, you will have a fair idea of what to include in the cover letter. It should include interpersonal skills, and written communication skills since most of the time background report is presented in writing. Of course, the investigation skill is important as well. You must also include that you know how to start and end the investigation process, where to approach for paperwork, and how to pull information from public records.

Cover Letter Sample

Michael J. Melton
4717 Mesa Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89101
Phone: 702-427-1772

October 01, 2013

Daniel F. McCasland
HR Manager
Prolific Corporation
1628 Court Street
Las Vegas, NV 89130

Subject: Application for the position of Background Investigator

Dear McCasland,

This cover letter is to support the enclosed resume written for the Background Investigator position. My qualification in criminal justice, strengthened with my research and analysis skills, and intuitive nature would offer you a great combination of professionalism, enthusiasm and accuracy in conducting any background check on the prospective employee.

I believe the key to succeed in this position is excellent interpersonal skills since the background investigator has to meet with different types of people in pulling information on the subject of investigation. In addition, the incumbent must also bear excellent writing skills to present the investigation report in a short and precise manner. I can bring these two important job skills to your service if hired.

Further, I have developed a good relationship with the credit-rating agencies, and the local authorities in the last four years. I know whom to approach and how to extract information on a person's job, credit and criminal history. I can handle any sensitive cases in a very confidential manner. I am also excellent in conducting interviews of people who are familiar with the person in question.

I understand how important it is for a company to hire a right person and avoid a wrong employee from being hired. Hence, I feel to be the perfect choice for this position. With my dedication, discretion and computer skills, I can produce genuine results on a person's background. Please spare a few moments this coming Monday around 10:30 am as I will call you for an appointment.


Michael J. Melton

Enclosure: Resume

This letter has clearly specified the tasks involved in the job and the ability to perform it in a professional manner.

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