Caseworker Cover Letter

Caseworker or social workers are people who concentrate on helping people deal with problems that ranges from disability to family related issues. They take this as a profession to help people in the society. To be precise, a case worker can be many types and what caseworker does from day-to-day depends on the exact position he or she works on. They can work on government agencies, schools, social services agencies or health care facilities. Nevertheless to apply for such a challenging job profile, a good and effective case worker cover letter is a must.

Cover letters for any job search is extremely important and is one of the first steps to set you apart from other applicants. Most employers read the cover letter first. These letters help the receiver to know about the contents and the purpose of the documents. Most of the essentials of the resume are covered by the cover letters. In addition to all this, the cover letter showcases the tone of enthusiasm of the candidate applying for the post. This is extremely beneficial of the overall content of the letter and the documents.

Following are some important tips to write a cover letter for a case worker.

Below is a sample cover letter for caseworker that will guide you some important tips and instructions that help you write it.

Sample Caseworker Cover Letter

Timothy Fox
345 Humphrey Ave
Woodville NSW 3789

April 26, 2011

Stuart Hansen
Recruiting Manager
Society Care organization
3478 Fairmont Avenue
Kansas City, MO 3829

Dear Mr. Hansen

I am highly-driven and a talented young professional seeking for a position in your Society Care Organization. I have completed my Master of Arts degree from (mention the name of the organization) and have a bachelor of science in psychology. I came across your job advertisement recently in (mention the source of your job vacancy) dated on (insert the date of the advertisement).

I have worked in the field of counseling and social advocacy in a community and other health care setting. My experience at these counseling centers and treatment facilities have allowed me to have a clear knowledge of physical, emotional and also psycho-social needs of our community. Furthermore, my strong verbal and written communication skills can be great use to this role. In my past experience I have demonstrated solid organizational skills in my case management.

I have a strong desire to create an impact of positive difference in the lives of people and believe to be a great asset to your organization.

If you want to know any more information related to my work, please call me at (insert your contact details) or simply email me at (mention your email address). I am available for interviews and look forward to hear from you soon.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Timothy Fox

Enclosure: resume and work experience certificates

Social and case worker can be a rewarding career and a well written caseworker cover letter can be one of the best ways to get the position you always wanted.

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