Judicial Clerk Cover Letter

Judicial Clerk Cover Letters must portray the applicant as someone who has enough theoretical knowledge and who is ready to learn while performing the duties assigned to the position of judicial clerk. This is an entry level job and is taken by degree holders in law as a starting step in their career. The competition for the position is fierce and only top rankers in the class are eligible. Therefore, the candidate has to have an impeccable academic track record and highlight the same in this letter.

If the candidate has been in touch with the practical aspects of the judicial process, formally or informally, the same has to be brought out effectively. It serves the function of defining the appropriateness of the candidate with the said position. This is because as a judicial clerk he will be performing some or all of these functions. The candidate has to also bring out his skills as an effective administrator, legal researcher, and assistant to judges, and drafter of legal opinions, negotiator, and keeper of records. Since this is an entry level job, the candidate has to demonstrate his readiness to work with all, pointing to fine interpersonal skills.

All cover letters need to follow certain fundamental guidelines and a judicial clerk cover letter is no exception. These letters have to be concisely worded summaries of the most relevant abilities of the candidate. A cover letter has to pin point the exact areas of convergence between the applicant and the organization. This helps the recruiter to fine tune his search for the right candidate. And, the candidate benefits from being selected for his dream job.

Sample Judicial Clerk Cover Letter

November 23, 2011

Richard Melon
800 N. 10th Street,
St. Louis, MO 63101

Vito Hagen
Chief Recruiting Officer,
St. Louis District Court,
1700 South Broadway,
St. Louis, MO 63104

Dear Mr. Hagen,

This is with reference to the advertisement in "The New York Times", dated November 20, 2011, by the St. Louis District Court, inviting applications for the position of judicial clerks in the honorable court. I have a bachelor's degree in law (J.D. Law) with top grades from the Washington University, St. Louis. I am eager to begin my legal career with an institution that is well known for disposing cases quickly and efficiently.

I specialize in criminal law and while pursuing my educational degree in law, I have voluntarily involved myself in numerous case studies of courtroom proceedings of criminal cases and criminal behavior. I am familiar with many aspects of court proceedings for criminal cases and I have obtained guidance from psychologists for studying the criminal mind. Plea Bargaining is another area of my interest and I have been informally involved in negotiations during eleven cases for plea bargaining. All these activities have sharpened my perception and provided proper direction to my theoretical knowledge.

I am an organized individual with above average level of administrative skills. The case studies, negotiations, and court proceedings I have involved myself in, have made me cognizant with the methods of interacting with judges, lawyers, police officers, litigants, and others. Drafting opinions, conducting legal research, editing, and performing other administrative functions are areas I am well acquainted with.

I am excited at the prospect of working with an institution known for its efficiency and balance. If given an opportunity, I will serve this institution to the full measure of my ability. I have attached my resume with this letter. You can contact me on the email address or the telephone number I have mentioned above, as and when you deem necessary.

Yours Sincerely,
(Richard Melon)

Judicial Clerk Cover Letters, because of the very nature of the job, cannot emphasize much on experience. The applicant, therefore, has to direct the recruiter to those traits that make a fine judicial clerk. Any connection with the practical aspect of the legal profession during education has to be accorded priority in the letter.

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