Legislative Aide Cover Letter

Even before a recruiter goes through a resume, he scans through the cover letter accompanying the resume. The legislative aide cover letter is an instrument for the creation of a fine first impression that is available to a legislative aide. In the fast moving world of recruitment, first impressions are often the last impressions. Research suggests that recruiters take less than half a minute for going through a resume. This timing must be even less for a cover letter. Therefore, the cover letter has to be precisely and concisely worded with a professional tone and with the matter arranged in the proper order.

Any cover letter should point to those abilities that make a good professional. The emphasis should be on a proven track record rather than on qualifications. The brief content should convince the recruiter to read the resume. And, the candidate has to do this without being too technical or venturing into too much detail. Last but not least, there should be a positive synergy between the cover letter and the resume. There is no point in composing a first rate cover letter followed by an average resume.

A Legislative Aide Cover Letter must be a brief summary of the abilities of the candidate as an advisor or assistant to legislators. These include pointing out the finer aspects of pending / proposed legislative bills after expert research and analysis, following up legislation pending in the legislative houses and committees, liaising with various interested parties like people from the constituency, industrial representatives, people from across the political spectrum, and other voluntary or social service organizations. Another ability that needs highlighting is flexibility and the readiness to put in long hours and work at weekends and nights.

Sample Legislative Aide Cover Letter

Date: 4 November 2011

Harrison Jones
10 Grimmer Street,
Boston, MA 02108
United States

George Woodford
Personal Secretary to Jack Browne,
Member of House of Representative from Boston, MA
300 Congress Street,
Boston, MA 02210

Dear Mr. Woodford,

With reference to your advertisement in the "Washington Post" dated 1 November 2011, I am interested in joining the legislative team of Mr. Jack Browne. I have seven years of experience as a legislative assistant to Mr. William Rockefeller, Senate member from Massachusetts. Mr. Rockefeller is due to retire on 31 December, 2011 and has suggested that I join your legislative team in order to find full expression for my legislative abilities.

The experience with Mr. Rockefeller's law team has been a challenging time and has transformed me from an ordinary law graduate into a knowledgeable legal assistant. I am well versed with the law making procedure - theoretical and practical. Especially, I have considerable talent in persuading and negotiating with various interest groups and members of various committees involved in the legislative process.

As a member and sometimes as a leader of Mr. Rockefeller's law team, I have successfully overseen the smooth passage of five bills through legislative committees after intense discussions and negotiations with the committee members, environmental groups, corporate lobbies, and other interest groups. My legal acumen, evident from the top grades that I achieved from the Harvard Law School, has helped me during these negotiations. My experience has provided me with valuable insights on the practical and human dimensions that have to be incorporated into legislation.

It would be an honor to work with the team of Mr. Browne, a seasoned politician known for his integrity and American values. It will also be a pleasure to meet you in person and discuss this job opportunity. You can get in touch with me on the telephone or the email address I have mentioned.

Yours Sincerely,
(Harrison Jones)

A Legislative Aide Cover Letter that has been meticulously thought over and properly composed can make the difference between being shortlisted and being left out. Combined with a similarly composed and phrased resume, it can catapult a candidate head and shoulders above the rest in a job market where, to say the least, competition is fierce.

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